We won’t freeze our butt !

Our oil-fired boiler decided to give up the ghost after 24 years of good and faithful service. It has been a long time since it hiccupped and stopped, and it took always more and more time to start it again.
old boiler
Claire and Momo thus decided to abbreviate its sufferings before winter : a cold shower in summer is funny, but less in winter… We don’t know if there is a Rainbow Bridge for boilers, but it deserved well to go there.

The week was rather hectic, because it was necessary to disassemble the old boiler, to empty and to remove the fuel oil tank, to install the new gas boiler, the new water heater, and new pipes. All the doors allowing to reach the basement were carefully closed ; we had to stay either in the garden, or inside, throughout the day : scandalous !
We had to stay either in the garden, or inside, throughout the day : scandalous !
The works lasted one day furthermore than planned, because “somebody” forgot to ask Claire in which place she wanted to place the water heater. Everything was linked, ended, ready to work. Claire needed less than one second to do the stinky eye and to express what she was really thinking. And the next day, the water heater was moved at the right place…

And voilà !
new boiler

Do you know Splat the cat ?

Do you know Splat the Cat ?
I would like to introduce you to Splat the cat : it’s the story which so much tempts me to go to school with Claire. And it’s the story she loves to tell her pupils the first school day.

The character of Splat was created by the Englishman Rob Scotton. He’s the hero of several children books.
Splat le chat
In his first story, Splat goes to school for the first time. He’s a little afraid, then to feel reassured, he takes his best friend, Seymour the pet mouse, with him.
Splat emmène Harry Souris avec lui.
But releasing a mouse in a cat school causes a certain agitation …
Tous les chatons courent après Harry.
What happened to Seymour ? Why is Splat delighted to go back to school the next day ?

To know that, read the book ! And for the most impatient, we found the story told in English :

4 good reasons for taking your cat to the veterinarian

Cats are pets as popular as dogs, nevertheless we benefit from much fewer veterinary care than them. Why ?

  • Because we have the reputation to be self-sufficient in many domains.
  • Because we are the world champions to hide our signs of disease and our wounds.
  • Because indoor cats risk nothing.
  • Because it is difficult to let us go into our PTU.

Those are myths ! Your cat deserves to remain healthy as much as you do : prevention is better than cure.
Take your cat to the vet

4 good reasons for bringing your cat to the veterinarian

(we cannot believe that we have just written this title…)

To carry out a general health control

The veterinarian is going to examine your cat from the nose to the tail. He will check :
– the weight: thinness, obesity, variation with regard to the previous visit, …
– the eyes : flow, state of the retina, reflex of the pupil, …
– the ears : wax excess, mites, …
– the teeth : tartar, gums inflammation, abscess, …
– the skin : alopecia, cyst, state of the fur, abscess, parasite’s presence, …
A health problem detected in an early stage is easier (and cheaper !) to heal.

To renew vaccines

Most of the vaccines must be renewed every year to keep their efficiency.

To verify the functioning of the microchip

It is very rare, but it may happen that the identification chip has a failure, or it may happen that it moves.

To cure your cat

It is rather obvious…

Vétérinaire examinant un chaton

By Martino cantagallo (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

How often should you take your cat to the vet ?

Without specific problem, one or two annual visits are recommended. We go there only once : you would not get too much of good things, isn’t it…

Do you go regularly to the veterinarian ?