Beautiful autumn

We enjoyed beautiful sunny autumn days : trees have magnificent colors.
trees in autumn
Claire took advantage of it to prepare the garden for winter, under the attentive eye of the neighbors.
But what do I perceive over there ?
But yes, it’s her ! The hour we lost in March is back ! Then don’t forget, friends of Europe : during the night of Saturday to Sunday, at 3 am, it will be necessary to set the watches back of one hour, and it will be then 2 hours. We win one hour of sleep, woohoohoooo !

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Have fun with the Kittycobra

ZORRO : The nice Andreas from CAJ, an Austrian start-up, sent us a Kittycobra to test. What is it ?

The Kittycobra is a wand toy. It is well protected by a strong cardboard box. The assembly instructions are printed inside the lid : you just need to assemble the parts of the handle by screwing them, to fix the wrist-strap, and knot the string to the handle and to the feathers. It’s so well explained and so simple to do that even the most awkward human will succeed very easily !
Kittycobra box
Kittycobra box open
Kittycobra feathers
The Kittycobra consists of following elements :

  • 1 stainless steel telescopic handle (57 to 125 cm – 22 to 49 in long)
  • 1 string adapter (up to 4 mm – 0.1 in diameter)
  • 1 wrist-strap
  • 2 strings (1 m – 3.2 ft each)
  • 3 feather preys

Kittycobra all

Kittycobra open


Accessories can be also bought separately if needed.

But why a wrist-strap ? The handle of the Kittycobra is strengthened and resists a 15 kg drive : it’s pretty heavy (approximately 120 g – 4.2 oz without the wrist-strap), it’s although the only point which a little disturbed our human. The wrist-strap allows to avoid leaving the toy during the game.

The Kittycobra is a strong toy I liked a lot :
Zorro playing with the Kittycobra

With some luck, you can have fun with the Kittycobra too !

Thanks to the generosity of CAJ, two of our readers can win a Kittycobra : enter our giveaway (Europe only) by completing entries below. May one winner not live in Europe, he may gift his prize to an European buddy.

Good luck, and thank you for your entering !

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Zorro playing with the Kittycobra in his tunnel

These products were given us free of charge and we did not receive other compensation. The expressed opinions are only ours.