Sun and cats, friends or enemies ?

Several of our friends (or their human) were these days in Phoenix, Arizona, for the 8th BlogPaws 2016 Conference. A brilliant sun and an overwhelming heat were also there, and we wondered :

Sun and cats, friends or enemies ?

The answer to this question is : a little both. We’re going to explain it to you :

Friends, because…

  • The heat of the sun allows us to compensate for the light temperature reduction of our body while we have a nap.
  • It also allows sick cats to save up their forces to fight better against the disease.
  • Sun rays (ultraviolet rays) allow us to synthesize the vitamin D, essential to facilitate the absorption of calcium and phosphor and fix them to our bones. If we are lacking vitamin D and sun, we can be suffering from rickets.

Is the sun my friend ?
Enemies, because…

  • The heat of the sun can cause a dehydration and a heatstroke.
  • Sun rays can cause a sunburn, especially to cats with a fair skin or naked cats.
  • A sunburn can cause a dermatitis : the edge of the auricle (most of the time) loses its hairs, is irritated, and covered with crusts. An ulcer can form and gradually waste the ear away. Eyelids or truffle can also be suffering.
  • An excessive sun exposure as well as repeated sunburns can cause a skin cancer, especially to cats with a fair skin, naked cats, or old cats. Our friend Harvey made the experience : he underwent the partial ablation of the auricle of his two ears because of a cancer. He very well recovered from it as you can see here.

Is the sun my enemy ?
“It is in the dose that is the poison” said Paracelse in the XVIth century, and it also applies to the sun. Have rather your naps in the shade !

Our human can be attentive to the time we spend in the sun, especially at the most intense hours, so that our sunbathing don’t put our health in danger. There is also a sunscreen for cat : no, no, we’re not kidding ! If you live in a region known for its intense exposure to the sun and if you care about your ears, think of it…

What a show !

spectacle2016affiche FDE2016The show of inauguration of the new school finally took place yesterday for Claire and her pupils : it was great !

The classes were distributed in four groups of six classes (one group for each evening). Every scene appealed to actors and choir ( 9-10-year-old pupils), musicians (teachers), and dancers (5-6-year-old pupils, or 7-8 years as those of Claire). The final choir included all the children and all the teachers.

Everything went well : the children were awesome, and the public appreciated a lot. We still cross our paws so that the weather is beautiful for the procession on Saturday morning !

But the most magnificent show was this one :


Vue depuis la classe de Claire – View from Claire’s classroom – Aussicht von der Klasse von Claire

The come-back of the sun !
Zorro is happy : the sun is back !

Why to blog like a professional even if you are not one

We are not professional bloggers, but we are members of several groups of «cat» or «pet» bloggers. These communities include professional and non-professional bloggers whose common point is to be fascinated by what they are doing, and who want to share their passion with the world. The discussions concern all the aspects of the blogging : writing, photography, legal aspects, monetization, design, ergonomics of the site, …
Why to blog like a professional even if you are not one ?

Why to blog like a professional even if you are not one ?

To have a blog pleasant to visit

Is your sidebar blocked by dozens of useless badges ? Does your homepage look like a christmas shop window which flashes everywhere, in the point to be illegible ? Can we easily find your previous articles ? Is there a harmony in colors and chosen polices ? Are the various elements (menu, titles, widgets) well separate ? Are the contents of your pages always up to date ? We make a spring-cleaning of our blog every summer, during Claire’s holidays.

To take beautiful photos

Photos are one of the elements which attract your readers. We learnt to use the regulations of our device better, to play with natural or artificial light, to take into account the background, and to have a more critical look on the quality of our photos.

To write quality texts

A rich vocabulary, a well-kept spelling, a correct grammar, our readers are sensitive to these elements also. We try to be attentive to these various points by writing our articles. And we are very aware that our translations in English, German, and Italian still have a lot of room for progress.

To know how to use various social networks

Social networks are an excellent way to spread our blog posts. Still, it is necessary to know how to use them … By knowing the advantages and the inconveniences of the various social networks, and how to use them, we were able to choose which suited us best.
Use various social networks

To support the professional bloggers

Know that only a minority of professional bloggers can earn a living from their blog. You need a great deal of work as well as simultaneous implementation of several strategies to earn money with a blog : sale of products or services, membership programs, advertisements display, sponsored posts, … Every word of a sponsored post (or almost) is chosen to optimize SEO ; the article is then shared on various social networks according to a schedule and a frequency chosen to optimize the information dissemination. The attractiveness of a blogger for brands depends on the size of his audience and on his capacity to engage with his readers. And it is a work of constant promotion, that has to be done with irreproachable ethics : a blogger who “lies” to his readers loses fast his credibility, and his popularity…

However, small blogs as ours are also sometimes requested by brands to promote a product. As says it the proverb, time is money. If the product pleases you, the time you are going to spend taking good photos and writing an honest and detailed article has some value. By respect for the professionals bloggers, do not sell your time off : ask for a small fee, in cash or at least in kind.

And for fun, most of all !

What other reasons do you see to blog like a pro even if you are not one ?

What other reasons do you see to blog as a pro if you are not one ?
To those who are attending BlogPaws Conference this year, we hope you have a blast ! Have fun, learn a lot of cool stuff, meet furriends in person (or in fur), and enjoy everything !