We were not very present this week in the blogosphere, nor on social networks. We needed to think about us and about our blog. The frosty temperatures were moreover convenient to our mini-retreat.
cold and snow
When we noticed that we begin to plan the moments when we HAD to be on the social networks, that we told ourselves that we absolutely HAD to read the articles of all blogs we follow, we said STOP : we are cats, after all !

We want to have a “good” blog, have fun to write it and to visit our blogging pals, meet new friends on various social networks, but have time too to do things we love to do : sleep, play, eat, be cute, put fur everywhere, walk in the garden, hunt, and snuggle with our humans.

The more you spend time online, the less you spend it to live small or big events, and the less you have adventures to be told on your blog. It’s a question of balance.
If as us you are not a professional blogger, what do you think of our reflection ?

Does your cat get bored in winter ?

Snow, cold, cold, snow, … We go out less, and there is not much to do : nature and small tiny creatures are in slow motion.
Snow, cold, cold, snow... So boring !
For an inside only cat, the wintry weather doesn’t change his everyday life a lot, but for cats who can go out in the garden as us, it has a big influence : we have fewer things to watch, and fewer preys to hunt. We sleep more to spend time, and Claire pays attention to play more often with us : indeed, we tend to get into mischiefs or to play fight slightly too often to occupy us !
Play with me !
How do your cats react to the wintry slowing down ? Do they tend also a little to be bored, and to show themselves creative to keep busy ?