Help ! My cat does not pee in his litter box !

Little Bibine, 3-4 months, has just been adopted by the son of Christine, a colleague of Claire. And Christine addressed our domesticated because her son has the following problem :

Bibine has two boxes for her alone ; she once uses a box, once the other one, then makes the rest in the bathtub and in other places of the apartment. She is healthy, has the opportunity to climb, to scratch, to look outside, and her humans play gladly with her.

Why does this ladycat not pee in his litter box ?

We asked Claire to pass on the following questions to Bibine’s human :

  • Is the litter box in a quiet, accessible, and clear place ? We appreciate certain peace to do our business (just like you !), and we have to have the possibility of running away in case of danger.
  • Is the litter box covered ? Some cats don’t appreciate at all a stuffy space.
  • Is it far enough from the food ?
  • Is there a thick enough layer of litter ? We must be able to scratch, dig, then cover : if there is not enough litter, it’s not possible, and moreover, we have paws height of it !
  • What kind of litter is used ? We like clumping litter : it avoids that urine spreads in all the box(when we scratch, and makes the litter box maintenance easier. It also absorbs the smells better. You will find a post about our favorite litter here.
  • Speaking about smells, is the litter perfumed ? Our sense of smell is 14 times more developed that that of humans, and these flavors assault us, just like the smell of our excrements if the maintenance of the litter box is neglected. We prefer a not perfumed litter in a regularly emptied box.

Bibine’s human had several points to be improved : we hope that it will be enough for letting the little Bibine come back to the litter box.
the path to the litter box

How to clean after a cat wee-wee ?

At once : mop with some paper towels.

Then : clean with a rag soaked with the following product : 1/3 white vinegar, 2/3 water, 1 soup spoon of bicarbonate of soda for 500 ml. When you add the bicarbonate, leave the bowl open until the chemical reaction stops. Rinse well with water, then wipe with a rag soaked with product again.

This mixture is natural, ecological, and biodegradable.

If the smell of urine persists, clean the place with an enzyme cleaner.

Do you have other suggestions ?

How to clean a cat wee-wee
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