Raw Feeding : chick tasting

As we explained it to you here, there are several manners to give us raw food : ground, in pieces which reconstitute a prey (meat, bones, giblets), or a whole prey.

A whole prey has a big advantage : Mother Nature got it right, all the nutriments we need are present in adequate quantities. Claire doesn’t need to do complicated calculations !

I am a hunter-eater, but Pixie plays with preys without eating them. To help her understand that the chick is eatable and that it’s not a toy, Claire cut that of Pixie into pieces. Is it going to be enough ?

Apparently, Pixie is not still ready to eat a whole prey…

Happy blogoversary !

Today, we celebrate a milestone : 5 years and one day ago, on April 23rd, 2012, Angel Loupi launched the blog The Swiss Cats on Blogger. He already wanted to make friends all over the world, and had put at once a Google Translate button so that Mr Bumpy, our very first Internet buddy of Australia, could understand what he mewed.
Loupi, founder of The Swiss Cats

It’s our fifth blogoversary !

Zorro arrived in February, 2013, and in April, 2013, Loupi and Zorro decided to publish the English translation of their blogposts following the text in French.
our fifth blogoversary
In August, 2013, The Swiss Cats move from Blogger to WordPress. A very useful plug-in allows them to translate articles while keeping the formatting of the beginning, and to have separated links for the French version and the English version.

In January, 2014, Loupi and Zorro becomes aware that they cannot be The Swiss Cats if they do not mew in three main national languages of Switzerland (which account four of them) : from this moment, articles written in French are translated into German, into Italian, and into English.

On March 29th, 2014, Loupi crosses the Rainbow Bridge, but quickly sends me to Zorro, Claire and Momo. I join the team of The Swiss Cats on May 24th, 2014.
happy fifth blogoversary
But what would be our blog without you, dear readers ?

Thanks to all for following us regularly, and thank you for being our friends !

Merci ! Thank you ! Danke ! Grazie !