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Cats, firecrackers, and fireworks

Happy early birthday, Switzerland ! On Tuesday, August 1st, we’ll celebrate your 726 years !

Unfortunately for us, humans adore celebrating noisily this kind of event : music and fireworks won’t be lacking.


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Cats, firecrackers, and fireworks

We hate as much the noise as the vibrations caused by these things. Some cats appreciate the fireworks show from the cosy inside of their apartment, but they are rare. Most of them (and us with them !) is going to hide under the bed, or in a cupboard, or where they feel safe.

What to do with your cat during the national holiday ?

If your cat goes out, keep him inside to prevent him from running away. Close windows to damp the noise, and lower blinds or close curtains, or better, shutters. Turn on the television or put some music to have a background noise. The ideal is to stay with your cat and to attend calmly to your usual activities. Bach Rescue Pets drops can be useful. We also know that calming treats are available on open sale in some countries, but we didn’t find it in Switzerland.

If you already know that your cat will be really very put under stress, anticipate and consult your veterinarian : he can prescribe you a light tranquilizer and advise you.
Cats, firecrackers, and fireworks

Summer getaway : the zen garden of Aigle

Some of you understood that Claire and Momo were soon going to go on holiday during several days, and you worried to know who would take care of us : no panic !

Claire and Momo never leave in summer, there are very too much things to do in the garden. Furthermore, the rare times when they leave, they prefer seasons more quiet and less hot as autumn or spring. Their summer holidays consist of an alternation of one-day getaways and of “garden” or « friends” days, according to their desire.

Momo is still not on holiday, but as this beautiful place is close from our home, it’s the first one we’ll show you : the zen garden of Aigle.

This garden was born thanks to the photographer Benoît Lange and thanks to his passion for Asia. Claire likes very much her relaxing atmosphere as well as the disorienting contrast between this small piece of Asia and surrounding “homegrown» mountains. It’s inhabited by several species of batrachians, tortoises, fishes, and shelters more than 140 species of vegetables, among which 120 come from Asia. Enjoy the visit !