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How do cats get ready for winter ?

We had cold, rain and wind yesterday, a real autumn weather ! Leaves begin imperceptibly to change color and to fall, and we begin discreetly to get ready for winter.

How do cats get ready for winter ?

They moult.

The renewal of our coat accelerates, and we lose many hairs : our summer hairs fall and are replaced by our more thick winter hairs. It’s important to brush us regularly ! Indeed, we spend a lot of time to lick ourselves to have a wash, and the excessive ingestion of hairs can cause digestive problems : hairs gather together in our stomach and form balls. If we can vomit these hairballs, so much the better, but otherwise, we risk an intestinal obstruction.

They eat more.

Zorro increases his daily ration of about 50 grams. His weight increases by at least 300 grams in winter ! He bards literally himself with bacon, eeh, fat, to protect himself from the cold, because he goes out almost as much in winter as in summer.
As for me, there are few differences between my summer rations and my wintry rations, because I go a lot less outside as soon as it gets a little bit chilly.

They sleep longer.

As there are fewer small critters to be observed, we get a little bored… Fortunately, our human is attentive to play every day with us to make us move ! She also places puzzles feeders in strategic places to distract us.

They spend more time inside.

It’s normal, we get cold pads after a while !

Indoor cats are also subject to these changes, but in a much less marked way.
how do cats get ready for winter

All that water ! How to help animals affected by hurricane Harvey ?

After three months of temperatures around 30 C (86 F), it’s finally cooler : the temperatures fell in a few days from 30 to 18-20 C (64-68 F), and we had rain, a lot of rain, too much rain as here in the area of Graubünden :

However, what we lived in Switzerland is not commensurate with the damages caused by hurricane Harvey.

Several actions are in progress to help animals (and humans !) affected by this disaster. One of the communities of bloggers of which we are a member, BlogPaws, published a list of ressources. We also mobilize for our friends, and we’re going to take part in the action carried out by Dash Kitten in favour of the organization Austin Pets Alive.
How to help animals affected by hurricane Harvey ?
All these organizations bustle to evacuate animals and their owners, get back the wandering animals, and place them in safety. They need supplies, food, and premises for storage or reception. The work to be carried out is titanic, and we are happy to help them thanks to our modest contribution.

❤️ All our thoughts go towards those who suffered from this disaster. ❤️


The higher, the better : vertical space and cats

Hello ! Here am I ! Can you see me ? Above, on the left, in the tree !

We, cats, occupy all the space available on our territory, and it includes the vertical space.

Indoor cats must have the opportunity to climb and to reach high positions : a chair, a top of cupboard, the kitchen counter, an edge of window, a cat tree, shelves fixed to the wall just for us, no matter. The access to a high position allows us to observe our environment, to see unnoticed, to feel safe, to have a roundabout way to avoid meeting another cat, and satisfying our natural need to climb.
cats and vertical space, in the tree 1
cats and vertical space, in the tree 2
cats and vertical space, in the tree 3
cats and vertical space, in the tree 4
I am lucky enough to have a catified indoor, and outside, a garden with trees on which I climb, I play, and I hunt : could it be better than that ?