All good things must come to an end

All good things must come to an end, even the holidays…
All good things must come to an end, even the holidays…
Today, it’s the resumption of work for Claire. The children will go back school on August 21st, but for the teachers, it’s the moment to put themselves in the school atmosphere again, to prepare copies, to decorate the class, and to refine the welcome activities planned for the first days.

As Claire is also an executive assistant (“dean”), it’s the moment too to prepare the teachers meeting and to settle the last details of the start of the school year with the management team.

All this to tell you that she’s abandoning us all day long ! Good thing Momo is there today, but we’ll better get used to being a few hours alone from time to time again.

What do you mean, « you’re sleeping anyway » ? Absolutely not ! We are bored of every minute’s absence of our humans, but we do it with our eyes shut…
We are bored of every minute’s absence of our humans, but we do it with our eyes shut…
All right, we exaggerate a little, but hardly : we prefer when our humans are at home all the same, even if we’re sleeping.

Good start of the school year to all the children and to all the teachers !


blogger-recognition-awardWe’re happy to tell you that we received the Blogger Recognition Award from Johnny , of Pets Overload, about ten days ago.

It’s always pleasant to receive one of these blogger-to-blogger awards, and it’s a nice way to let our new readers know a little bit more about us.

Here are the rules :

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to his blog
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Johnny, Beau, Walker, Twitch, Flub, and Blub, thank you for giving us this award !

Zorro Blogger Recognition Award

How did The Swiss Cats start ?

Inspired by Mr Bumpy, his very first Internet buddy, our Angel Loupi founded the blog The Swiss Cats in April 2012. He wanted to share his adventures with the world, spread some Swiss cat wisdom, and find pals.
Step by step, our goal has become clearer : we want to educate and entertain our readers ; we speak about topics like behavior, health and safety, and we share many anecdotes inspired by our daily life. Since 2013, The Swiss Cats began to post more regularly. two or three times a week.

Our advice to new bloggers are :

First : have fun !
Be true and trustful to your readers. Always.
Learn and make friends : join communities, ask questions, respect copyright stuff and other fair blogging rules, and visit and comment on other blogs.
Oops ! That’s more than two pieces of advice !
Pixie Blogger Recognition Award

« Select 15 other bloggers »:

Are you kidding ? We know and follow far more than 15 bloggers all around the world who deserve that award ! This last rule is impossible to respect for us, feel free to grab this award if you want it.
Are you kidding ?