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blogger-recognition-awardWe’re happy to tell you that we received the Blogger Recognition Award from Johnny , of Pets Overload, about ten days ago.

It’s always pleasant to receive one of these blogger-to-blogger awards, and it’s a nice way to let our new readers know a little bit more about us.

Here are the rules :

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to his blog
  • Write a post to show your award
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers

Johnny, Beau, Walker, Twitch, Flub, and Blub, thank you for giving us this award !

Zorro Blogger Recognition Award

How did The Swiss Cats start ?

Inspired by Mr Bumpy, his very first Internet buddy, our Angel Loupi founded the blog The Swiss Cats in April 2012. He wanted to share his adventures with the world, spread some Swiss cat wisdom, and find pals.
Step by step, our goal has become clearer : we want to educate and entertain our readers ; we speak about topics like behavior, health and safety, and we share many anecdotes inspired by our daily life. Since 2013, The Swiss Cats began to post more regularly. two or three times a week.

Our advice to new bloggers are :

First : have fun !
Be true and trustful to your readers. Always.
Learn and make friends : join communities, ask questions, respect copyright stuff and other fair blogging rules, and visit and comment on other blogs.
Oops ! That’s more than two pieces of advice !
Pixie Blogger Recognition Award

« Select 15 other bloggers »:

Are you kidding ? We know and follow far more than 15 bloggers all around the world who deserve that award ! This last rule is impossible to respect for us, feel free to grab this award if you want it.
Are you kidding ?

Early International Friendship Day : meet a multipet household

We love multipets households : it’s always interesting to see how different critters interact with each other, and how to take care of them. The Poupounette, Kitty Cat Chronicles, Pawsitively Pets, or Indulged Furries are some examples of that kind of household.
Meet a multi-pet household
A few weeks ago, we began to get nice comments from « Johnny ». We discovered that he had a nice blog, Pets Overload, but when we visited first, we thought he was blogging about fishes. The second time we visited, we thought he was blogging about snacks.

– Snacks ?
– Yes : hamsters, and stuff…

The next time, we saw that Johnny was blogging about cats too ! We became curious, and we decided to ask him a few questions :

– How did you manage to have so many differents pets ?
– Currently, we’re housing one cat (Beau), a hamster (Twitch) and two fish (Flub & Blub), although I also co-parent another kitty named Walker (who lives with my mom because he doesn’t get along with any other animals!)
– How did you introduce them to each other ?
– When Beau and Walker first lived together we introduced them very slowly over a two week period. Allowing them to meet under the door long before they saw each other fully. When the two-week mark passed we began feeding them treats together and pet them in the same room so they could understand the fact that they are not to be enemies! Although they got along at points, Walker is a very dominant cat who used to start fights with Beau all the time. When my partner and I moved in together we had to make the sad decision to leave Walker with my mother as our place is much too small for two cats who quarrel. (As it would be too difficult to separate them whenever problems arose). I still see Walker at least once a week and offer my mother all of the advice I can give !
As for Flub & Blub, the introduction was very quick and easy. Beau loved watching fish videos and never showed signs of being aggressive towards them, so we knew it would be super easy to introduce him to them. He spent plenty nights sleeping right next to them and still visits them in his spare time.
As for Twitch it was a bit harder… Beau used to hunt mice & other small mammals. So as soon as he saw Twitch he thought she was food! It took about a week to get him to understand that she was part of the family. We would bring Twitch out of her cage and let him sniff her (while she was still in our hand.) We would pet her in front of him and anytime he would get close or try to bite we would scold him. Now he watches her from the top of my office chair, happily wagging his tail but not getting too close !
– Is Twitch soon ready to eat for Walker or Beau ?
– Oh, no no no! We would never let that happen! We actually keep her very far away from them when we aren’t around! We love Twitch too much to let anything happen to her !

– Is fishing allowed for kitties ?
– Oddly enough, Beau hasn’t tried to go fishing yet! He has tapped on the fish tanks before, but never aggressively. It actually makes me wonder if he understands that fish can be food…

– Do Walker and Beau get into mischief together ?
– They get into A LOOOOT of mischief together. Sometimes we have play dates with the two of them, although one of our most recent play dates ended up in a big, big fight with lots of blood. Since then we’ve been even more careful with them… 🙁 <3

– How long have you been blogging about your pet family ?
I’ve been blogging since December, so not too long !

– What is the purpose of your blog ?
– Honestly, it’s partly to archive the memories of our pet family and also to learn from & aid other pet owners. It’s sometimes hard to know what’s best for your little ones, especially when you have little ones who run into health problems. I know I’ve learned a lot from other amazing bloggers so why not pass on what I’ve learned while also taking adorable photos of the little ones !
International Friendship Day
International Friendship Day is on July, 30th, and we thought that introducing our new friends was a nice way to celebrate, even if we’re a little bit early.

We think moreover that our friendship with you, dear friends and readers, should be celebrated every day !


A surprise package from Japan

On Tuesday morning, Claire found this in the mailbox :

A parcel coming from Japan ! But who could have sent it to us ?

When she opened it, she found first a magnificent card with a kind message of #1, the human of the Poupounette Gang : what a charming surprise !

There was also a little tablecloth, washi tape, post-it, and tabi-socks.

The traditional tabi are made of cotton ; they have a more thick sole, of cotton too, and are not elastic. They are worn by the back, and close with metallic ties. Tabi goes with geta (wooden) or zori (rice straw).

Tabi-socks are “normal” socks of which the big toe is separated from the other toes. Claire has no zori, but she shows you how it looks like with her flip-flops.

The small tablecloth is adorable, and it has the purrfect size for the coffee table of the living room.

And the post-it…

Claire has a special bond with Japan : she’s been practicing judo for more than 25 years since she was 6 years old, loves zen spirit and Japanese art, but never visited.

Thank you so much for this lovely surprise, #1,
it made our human very happy !