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Two cats and a bird

ZORRO : How’s that, you don’t want to play any more ? But we are not over yet ! And don’t tell me that you’re too hot, the temperatures have finally fallen since yesterday evening !
BIRDIE : I’m fed up ! You’re a brute, and you’re surely going to eat me !
ZORRO : As you wish, go towards Pixie …

BIRDIE : When you look at me like that, I don’t want to play with either …

PIXIE : But what are you doing, finally ?
BIRDIE : I’m hiding !

PIXIE : You don’t want to play with me either, and in more you show me your bottom and your good manners : that’s rude !


Hectic weeks

It’s an usual month of June : our human doesn’t know which way to turn anymore, our blog is neglected, and we don’t even speak of visiting our pals …

There is a cortege and a School Day to be prepared, it’s the end of the school year, and in addition to this, our human is working full-time since one week (till the end of the month) because her colleague is sick. She takes care of the garden and the kitchen garden after a fashion : water, weed, collect…

Claire tells us that she’s building a flying saucer in her classroom, and that her pupils are all Martians : her mental health really worries us !

All that we can propose you today it is a garden tour : it’s already better that nothing. For comments on your blogs on the other hand, you’ll need to be patient, because our capacity to visit you is going to remain very random until June 30th !





In the garden

When you have a garden, there is always something to do :

A patrol
Garden patrol Zorro
Ground surveillance
Garden patrol Pixie
Aerial surveillance
Aerial surveillance
Gardening : here I am checking the growth of mangetout peas.
Claire also sowed salad, carrots, onions, green beans, and flowers, and she planted tomatoes and kohlrabis. I help her by scratching the ground of the kitchen garden and by putting some fertilizer.

An exhausting work !