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Heat emergency : how to protect your cat ?

For more than a week, we have scorching temperatures. It is horribly warm and wet, our humans cannot sleep, and we all work in slow motion.
How to protect your cat during a heat emergency ?

How to protect your cat during a heat emergency ?

Here is a brief reminder :

  • Make sure that he has access to a cool, ventilated, and shaded place.
  • Make sure that he drinks enough. Put some cool water at disposal in several places.
  • If needed, refresh him by petting him with a wet towel, or make him play with some water if he likes it.
  • Your cat will reduce his usual activity instinctively, it’s normal.

If your cat pants, sticks out the tongue, or seems apathetic, he is maybe a victim of a heatstroke : read here how to react quickly and effectively !

How old is your cat ?

Thank you very much for your messages on the occasion of my birthday ! I was really happy ! It’s a little bit hard for me to recover from the pawty, by the way…

My friend Easy told me that I was now old enough to drive a car and to drink beers : but how to convert cat years in human years ?

Some people say that it should be multiplied by 7, others say by 8… That’s not quite that.

How old is your cat ?

An old cat will enjoy some kind gestures and some arrangements which will facilitate his life : we tell you about it here.

I have thus just turned 28 ! And you, how old would you be if you were a human ?

My cat eats insects : is it dangerous ?

After the snow shower of last Tuesday, we had a magnificent sunny end of the week. The temperatures are more and more mild : it smells like spring !

Insects go out as soon as the sun shines, and we have so much fun to hunt them. Here are our advice for little kittens :

Is it dangerous for a cat to eat insects ?

flycockroachgrasshopperdragonflyladybugbugearwigcaterpillar Flies and cockroaches
It’s a delight, but attention : it’s essential to deworm your cat regularly, because flies and cockroaches can pass on parasites or parasites’ eggs (intestinal worms).

Grasshoppers and dragonflies
You get a little crunch, and they are very funny to hunt and to pull apart to scatter the pieces almost everywhere.

Butterflies and spiders
Yummy !

The lively color of the ladybirds indicates clearly to their usual predators (birds) that they are toxic. However, a ladybird swallowed here or there is not dangerous for a cat.

We strongly disadvise you to play with them, and even more to crunch them : these tiny creatures stink to defend themselves. That smells very bad, and if you have it in the mouth, it’s horrible!

Earwigs and small black ants
Why not ?

Red ants
Caution : they bite!

Danger !
The processionary caterpillars have urticant and allergenic hairs ; the slightest contact causes a violent pain. The inflammation of the tongue and the mouth is almost immediate, and the tongue can even partially necrotize in the following days if nothing is done. The contact with the skin causes an oedema, nettle rash, and important itches. These urticant hairs can also damage an eye until the loss of sight, and cause grave respiratory issues. The nests of caterpillars, abandoned or not, are also dangerous.
The slightest contact with processionary caterpillars is an emergency : go immediately to the vet !

Wasps, bees, and other hymenopterans
Danger !
Never play with this family of insects, kittens ! Their sting aches and can be dangerous ! We explain it to you in this article.

Who says insect, says insecticidal
Cats are often poisoned by insecticides used by humans, either by direct contact, or by ingestion of a poisoned insect (more rarely).
These products are applied to textiles, plants, or grounds of the house. They appear in spray or powder, and most of them contain permethrin, which is highly toxic for cats.
Some anti-slugs products are also dangerous.

We live in Switzerland, and we are safe from some insects which live in other continents : what are the toxic or dangerous insects we can find near you ?

Pictures source : Pixabay