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Cats, firecrackers, and fireworks

Happy early birthday, Switzerland ! On Tuesday, August 1st, we’ll celebrate your 726 years !

Unfortunately for us, humans adore celebrating noisily this kind of event : music and fireworks won’t be lacking.


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Cats, firecrackers, and fireworks

We hate as much the noise as the vibrations caused by these things. Some cats appreciate the fireworks show from the cosy inside of their apartment, but they are rare. Most of them (and us with them !) is going to hide under the bed, or in a cupboard, or where they feel safe.

What to do with your cat during the national holiday ?

If your cat goes out, keep him inside to prevent him from running away. Close windows to damp the noise, and lower blinds or close curtains, or better, shutters. Turn on the television or put some music to have a background noise. The ideal is to stay with your cat and to attend calmly to your usual activities. Bach Rescue Pets drops can be useful. We also know that calming treats are available on open sale in some countries, but we didn’t find it in Switzerland.

If you already know that your cat will be really very put under stress, anticipate and consult your veterinarian : he can prescribe you a light tranquilizer and advise you.
Cats, firecrackers, and fireworks

How to keep your cat (and other animals) safe during fireworks

The Swiss National holiday takes place on August 1st every year : firecrackers, fireworks, and big fires are almost everywhere lit to celebrate the anniversary of our beautiful country.

Image Pixabay

Image Pixabay

The explosions of fireworks and firecrackers are terrifying for animals : their hearing, much more sensitive than ours, is assaulted by the noise. Animals are panicked and try to run away, with big risks of injuring themselves on obstacles or of being killed in a traffic accident.

How to keep your cat (and the other animals) safe during fireworks ?

  • Choose fireworks without explosion.
  • Use fireworks only the day of the event.
  • Light fireworks in a zone clear and distant from houses and from farms to avoid any danger of fire.
  • Light fireworks far from cowsheds and stables, and far from the pastures where are animals to avoid frightening them.
  • For the municipalities : build your big fires the day of the demonstration only, or protect them with a small roadblock 40 cms high which will be removed 1-2 hours before lighting the fire. These simple measures avoid a horrible death for numerous small animals as the hedgehogs, the mice, or the snakes for whom this wooden heap represents a perfect shelter.
  • Keep your cats and your dogs home, windows closed and curtains pulled. Behave as usual.
  • If your cat hides under the bed or at the top of a cupboard, leave him alone : it is there that he feels safe. Do not try to bring him out of his hiding place.

Pixie hidden in the bushes


Nose-to-Nose Awards 2016

The Nose-to-Nose Awards 48 finalists were announced on Tuesday, and we are very happy to see that some of our favourite blogs appear in the list. Concatulations and good luck for the continuation !

Fair zu Pfoten Award

Fair zu Pfoten AwardWe are not finalist for Nose-to-Nose Awards, but we are proud and happy to have received the Fair zu Pfoten Award on behalf of the Hermit. He asked us three questions :

  • What animals do live at your home, or of what animals do you take care ?
    We are two cats, and we live with two humans. Claire always lived with cats.
  • How did you receive animals, or where do they come from ?
    We adopted our humans while we were still kittens (Zorro at the beginning of 2013, and Pixie at the middle 2014). We met them thanks to common acquaintances.
  • Are you vegan or vegetarian ?
    Oh no, that would make us feel sick ! We are cats after all… But we appreciate some fresh grass from time to time.

Zorro munching
Keep your pet safe

The nice people from Wayfair realized the infographic below which presents several tips to improve the safety of cats (and dogs) at home, outside, or on travel. We chose to share it with you because we like it :

Keep Your Furry Friends Safe | Wayfair UK

Have a good week !