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In the garden

When you have a garden, there is always something to do :

A patrol
Garden patrol Zorro
Ground surveillance
Garden patrol Pixie
Aerial surveillance
Aerial surveillance
Gardening : here I am checking the growth of mangetout peas.
Claire also sowed salad, carrots, onions, green beans, and flowers, and she planted tomatoes and kohlrabis. I help her by scratching the ground of the kitchen garden and by putting some fertilizer.

An exhausting work !

Flower market

Every year, the small association of which Claire is a member organizes a flower market in the village. It always takes place on Saturday before Mother’s Day.

It’s possible to eat on the spot, and the atmosphere is very friendly : the purpose of Les Amis de Versvey (« The Friends of Versvey », it’s the name of the association) is to tighten the links between inhabitants of the village.

This year still, it was a success : our pretty village will be well decorated with flowers for summer !