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So many presents !

Claire had her birthday last Tuesday, and she thanks you for all your kind messages.

As she was sick, no way to go to the restaurant, then Momo made her a « special birthday » prune tart.

Grandpa was on vacation on Tuesday, then we waited till Caturday to celebrate in family :

PIXIE : Look who arrives ! It’s Grandpa ! And he’s loaded like a mule !

ZORRO : Oh yes, he has his hands full with presents !

As usual, Claire has been spoiled : figurines, earrings, socks, pullovers, and t-shirts. No wonder that she rarely needs to buy clothes !

What were The Swiss Cats doing these last few days ?

It’s very easy : Claire needed a moment for her only after this crazy end of school year, and we coached her for her fitness.

First she prepared her new class with her new colleague. This colleague is not so new : Claire and Laurence had already worked together during 13 years a few years ago ! Reunions were thus joyful and effective, as you can see.

Then she followed our “well-being” advice literally :

Take care of your mind : healthy readings and positive thoughts

Take care of your body : physical activity and beauty enhancement

Practice an outdoor activity : weed, plant, collect, …

Treat yourself : Claire enjoyed the workshop «Household products” given by Irène from Instants Nature and organized by Doris from Chez Mamie (bulk grocer’s shop) at Monthey. She learnt how to use natural ingredients to make ecological and economic household products, for example universal spray, dish soap, or still washing liquid for the laundry machine. In small group, it’s funnier ! These natural products are as effective as industrial products, but much less polluting.

Thanks to us, our human is quite cheered up and functional again !

And what did Momo during this time ? He expressed all his creative potential to make a decoration for the entrance (env. 50 x 40 cms) : that was a laugh riot for Claire, and she hung it at once !

A very nice room

Remember, last August, we replaced our old oil-fired boiler by a beautiful quite new gas boiler.

The tank with fuel oil was in a premises inside the house, and it was thus emptied. Claire and Momo decided to use this small room to put the reserves and a freezer : so far, they had managed with the tiny freezer department over the refrigerator, but it was a little bit small. We need a complete floor for us, and our humans had only one floor for them.

Momo thus took his tools, and he isolated walls and ground of the place. He made two openings in the door to put aeration railings because there are no windows, laid a stone floor, then repaints the door, the walls and the heating pipe.

Since his accident, he’s slower and gets tired faster, the works thus takes more time, but we are super proud of our human and of the result !

And it seems that there will be a whole drawer of the new freezer only for us !