Dragon’s Loyalty Award

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dragonsloyaltyaward1We are very honored to have been chosen by Eirwena to receive a new distinction : the Dragon’s Loyalty Award.

This award is the combination of the “Versatile Blogger Award” and of the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”. There are of course some rules to be respected when we receive it, then let’s go :

  • Post the logo of the award on our blog :
    Done !
  • Announce that we were nominated in an article, and make a link towards the one who awarded it to us :
    Done !
  • Nominate in our turn 15 blogs for this distinction :
    Not really done…
    Mr Bumpy Cat, who discovers at present a new kind of creature
    The Poupounette Gang, the champions of the cuddles inter-species
    – What a difficult choice ! The other blogs of which we thought have already received this distinction ; we are going to take a few weeks to think about other beneficiaries, but if you have not received it yet and if we visit you regularly, make it know us!
  • let them know that they were nominated and makes a link on their blog :
    Done !

Write 7 interesting things about us :

  1. Zorro always wriggles in the feet of the humans by humming when he arrives, preventing them totally from moving and from doing something other than pet him
  2. Loupi often hides his snout and the eyes with one or two paws when he sleeps
  3. Zorro sleeps in impossible positions what makes say to Claire that he has to miss him vertebras.
  4. Loupi brings regularly a prey to Claire in present (while Zorro does not hunt).
  5. Although he seems black with a white tie, Zorro is in fact very dark brown and has havana reflections in the sun.
  6. Loupi adores watching the hens attending to their activities in the henhouse.
  7. After one year, Loupi cannot always refrain from blowing Zorro, but Zorro messes it completely

10 thoughts on “Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. da tabbies o trout towne

    veree nice two meet ewe loupi N zorro…we saw yur coztoomz over at boolatry !! ya both look grate N reddy for halloween !! hope ewe both enjoy yur week oh end ….stop by trout towne any time. we all wayz haz foods on de grill 🙂


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