A string of awards

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Hardly we had thanked Nerissa as is proper for the multiple awards which he had awarded us (twice !) that our friend Texas let us know that it had chosen us to receive the Favourite Things Award (created by Nerissa): what a honor !
Thank you so much to have thought of us !


The rules to accepting this award are :

  1. Thank the blogger for giving you this award and give a link to his blog
  2. Post the award on to your blog
  3. Name six of your favorite things
  4. Pass it on to as many bloggers as you want.

Then, as we are two, we EACH are going to name our six favorite things :

Loupi Zorro
– have naps – have naps
– eat shrimps – eat as the humans
– be with Claire – be with Momo
– go hunting – play with my hanging duck
– play with a bean – play with water
– give slaps to Zorro – bite linen

We are glad to transmit this award in our turn to Newton, Pierre et Ashton from Sometimes, Cats Herd You, to Pikku Punapippuri, and to Sneakers and Elvira from The Opinionated Pussycat.


Just after this pleasant surprise, it is Playfull Kitty who also awarded us a prize ; we are not very sure to know which one we received, but in every case, that pleased us all the more as Playful Kitty is a quite new friend met during the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop of BlogPaws on January 8th.

Finally, at the same moment, Hisia gave us the Share The Love, Share The Box Award ; we had just received it, but that pleased us all the same really !

6 thoughts on “A string of awards

  1. Marg

    Oh I am so glad to find you. Those are such great awards and congrats on getting them. Thanks so much for visiting our blog. Sure is good to meet you. Take care.

  2. da tabbies o trout towne

    loupi & zorro…conga rats on yur awards !!! N we agree…naps iz for sure a fav o rite thing !!!! happee mackerull monday two ewe both !!~~~~


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