Do you speak Swiss, you ?

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Claire pointed out to us that we could not claim being The Swiss Cats if we did not mew in three main national languages among four which counts Switzerland.


It’s true, we communicate overseas, but we do not even know our neighbors.

We thus optimized the multilingual contents of our site (not former articles, you should not dream all the same!) so that pages and articles appear in French, in English, in German and in Italian.

We are not professionals, and everything is translated by ourselves ; the most important for us is to communicate, then you will forgive us easily our errors and our erroneous choices of words. The site should normally display in the language of your browser for French, English, German and Italian. If you follow us by e-mail, or whom whose browser is in another language, it will cost you a mouse click to have the article in one of these four languages.

And the best, the best, is that we have from now a Facebook page !

All this exhausted us, we are going to need several naps to recover.


7 thoughts on “Do you speak Swiss, you ?

  1. Glogirly & Katie

    We had no IDEA you meowed in so many languages!!!
    We also hadn’t noticed the cool language icons at the top of your sidebar before.
    So today, we’re reading in English!!! YAY!
    Glogirly & Katie


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