Fleas story

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Zorro : When we were teens, Claire gave us fleas. I do not understand why she did it, saw that now she applies us every month flea treatment again and again to avoid that we still catch it. They are not logical, our domesticated ones…



LoupiYou understood nothing, Zorro! She did not give us fleas, she made us get a chip ! A micro-chip ! As we use the same word in French and in Italian for the insect and for the object, you mixed everything : it is in fact about a glass capsule of the size of a grain of rice which is inserted under our skin towards the neck ; it cannot move, nor be destroyed by a shock. It contains a transmitter…

Zorro : Cool, then the NSA can follow us, and see everywhere where we go ? We have a GPS ?

logo anis


Loupi : *sigh* No, Zorro … The transponder is a transmitter which bustles only in the passage of a specific reader. It contains a code of unique identification at the world level. If something happens to us (accident, loss, …), the police, the veterinarians, and the shelters are equipped with readers who will then allow to identify us and to warn our domesticated ones. Our data appear in a national data bank, and their update (moving or owner’s change for example) is free. In Switzerland, it is the ANIS company which takes care of all this. The solution of the micro-chip is preferable to the tattoo which is practised in certain countries to identify an animal, because a tattoo can become illegible in time, or the part of the body on which it appears can be damaged in case of accident.



The chip is not reserved for cats only : all the pets can take advantage of it !

Zorro : We are again going to receive some doses of flea treatment then …

4 thoughts on “Fleas story

  1. Marg

    Those chips are sure great ideas. But the fleas are a whole other story. We sure hope you don’t have those darn fleas.
    We also hope that all of you have a great day.

  2. Bev Green

    We all have the chips and in Australia we get a tattoo also this tells we are desexed and which sex we are ..when we moved we had our chips checked and Marbles chip was no longer working…lucky we checked..in all the years we never had fleas ever and never had flea treatment…very strange just lucky kitties and pups I guess 🙂 Paw Pats Cleo xxx

  3. da tabbies o trout towne

    doods…we haz chips two….matter oh fact we wuz frank lee kinda dizappointed when we hurd we wuz gonna GET chips, then we wented ta de vet, then came home emptee handed…noe chips, popcorn, pretzelz…snax oh any kind….



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