Two very impawtant announcements

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Pixie45* drum roll *

We are happy to make you both following announcements :

1. Claire is now adviser for ANiFiT food ; for more than ten years, ANiFiT proposes natural and balanced products for the daily food of cats and dogs in Switzerland, with the following advantages : high percentage of meat (more than 60 %), use of meats authorized for the human consumption only, careful preparation and cold packaged food, no chemical colouring agents, neither conservatives nor additives, no taste additives and nor pheromones, no fat of doubtful quality, no meat and bone flours nor meat flours. You will find more complete informations here.


2. We opened our Small Market on Etsy ! Thanks to the encouragements of Caren, the mom of Cody, and with the support of #1 of The Poupounette Gang, Claire crossed from “why not” to “I launch” for her creations in textile. We are far from a factory production, but that’s it which is nice. Of charming cases about 17×11 cm will again come to be added to articles already available on The Swiss Cats’ Little Market.

Come and visit us !

23 thoughts on “Two very impawtant announcements

  1. Marg

    Those cushion mattresses are really nice. And I like the little bag with the mice. Good for you to open this shop. Hope it is a great success.

  2. da tabbies o trout towne

    YAY !!!!! great news all around, very happy for Claire and we will check out your etsy shop Zorro & Pixie…we hope your new store is a huge success ♥
    heerz two an Antarctic cod kinda week oh end !!

  3. Kitties Blue

    Concatulations on getting your Etsy store set up. Hope you do well with it. Calista Jo hopes that Zorro will stop by tomorrow (Friday) to help her celebrate her second birthday. XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  4. Nerissa's Life

    VERY important announcements, indeed!

    The shop looks great. Peep tried to favourite it but, apparently, in order to do so she has to sign in and in order to sign in, she has to remember her password. MOUSES! We’ll get it favourited as soon as she finds that. Promise.


  5. Caren Gittleman

    Soooo incredibly excited for you and BOTH of your pieces of great news! Yay for Claire!! I am so excited about the shop, don’t credit me (but THANK YOU for doing so), it was YOU who created your lovely items and opened the shop! xoxo

  6. Timmy Tomcat

    Very nice little shop. We have added to our favorites
    Congrats for Claire being an Adviser. This may mean extra goodies for Zorro and Pixie which I am sure they approve of

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