27 thoughts on “Finally !

  1. Kitties Blue

    Oh Zorro…you are so, so handsome in this photo with that seductive look on your face. I am going to spend the remainder of the day looking at you and planting kisses on your face. Thanks for joining and purrmoting our blog hop. Drop by tomorrow and join our version of the Mice Bucket Challenge and Comment-a-thon. XOCK, Calista Jo (and my fursibs too)

  2. Katnip Lounge

    ooo la la! The laydeez here are swooning, Zorro!

    Say…we received your package in the mail yesterday…and we LOVE our new PTU pad!!! Mommy has it on the sofa and Grayce is busy hogging it…we may have to set up a roster for sitting! Mommy has photos and we’ll do a post this week. Thank you SO much!

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