How to find a gift for your humans

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Christmas is right here and it’s high time to think of presents for your human : here are some links which will allow you, we hope for it, to find THE present. Most of these sites deliver on the international stage, and you can choose to consult them in your language :

Jewellry :
Mark Poulin
Thomas Sabo

Clothing :
Crazy Shirts Spreadshirt

Accessories and miscellaneous :
Rosina Wachtmeister
Boutique Albert Dubout
The Animal Rescue Site Store
Cool For Cat UK

Don’t either forget to visit Etsy, it is a real gold mine !


21 thoughts on “How to find a gift for your humans

  1. da tabbies o trout towne

    pixie & zorro, we iz gettin de food serviss peepulz sum realy nice signs that read: due knot for get two
    feed de kittehz !!!

    ….just kidding…

    but hay…may be !!

    happee week oh end two ewe both ♥♥♥

  2. Raven

    That’s a stunning picture Pixie. My humans are hard to buy for but thankfully they never ask for anything. Maybe I’ll check out your links and see if anything strikes my fancy.

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