5 tips to help your cat to stand the absence of a close relation

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Last Sunday, Momo left to have a coffee and he didn’t come back. We looked for him, we called him, but we didn’t find him. We waited for him outside until late hour, and he wasn’t still there. Claire explained us that he had had an accident, and that he would not come back home before several weeks.
On our super Secret Paws blankie
The sudden absence of a close relation is very disturbing for us ; here are some ideas to help us to stand it :

  • Speak to your cat ; explain him what takes place.
  • Express your feelings : we know perfectly the way you feel, and we are even more disturbed if you try to hide it.
  • As possible, and if circumstances allow it, modify the least possible our usual routine : it will secure us.
  • Do not forget us : we need cuddles and we need to play with you.
  • Do not forget yourself : eat correctly, sleep as good as possible, and take care of you. We need you !

21 thoughts on “5 tips to help your cat to stand the absence of a close relation

  1. Bev Green

    Great info guys…our pets are sort of used to Fozziedad going away for work..the pups may sit at night by the door and wait..i say “back soon” and they relax..it is very hard and you do need to be aware that the animals feel the change very much..we send still our purrs and loves for Momo…much love Fozziemum xxx

  2. Georgia and Julie

    That is very good advice .
    It is important to look after yourself and those around you.
    We purr very hard that Momo is getting better and does not hurt so much.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. Summer

    My human’s boyfriend takes lots of trips to play shows. I miss him, but not too much since Binga and Boodie are always so sure he’s coming back.

  4. Canadian Cats

    Peeps sometimes forget about us and we know when someone is missing and we get scared. We are so sorry for Momo’s accident and say a wee prayer for him. Take care all of you.


  5. Raven

    Gosh, you must be missing Momo so much and your tips for comforting kitties are excellent. Do you have some clothing with his scent so you can be comforted by it? Along with explaining things, your mom might also try petting you and picturing Momo being away but safe and wanting to come home soon. Some people believe that animals can sense those images and energy and it will help them understand what is going on.

  6. Katnip Lounge

    Mommy felt sick when she saw the photo of the car Momo was driving–what a terrible wreck. We have had him in our thoughts, and we purray he’ll be home sooner than later.

  7. Cathy Keisha

    This is great advice. After I was in this condo a week, Pop had back surgery and didn’t come home for 7 days. That’s when I started bullying TW. When Pop came home, I never left his side until he went back to work 6 weeks later.

  8. Clooney

    That is really good advice, sending good thoughts and prayers Momo’s way for a quick and complete recovery with ease. We know you kitties must be missing him very much.

  9. Timmy Tomcat

    Very important to remember us as we will be there to help with keeping the injured feeling better once they return home. One of our Angels, Inky, told me and Toby about when Dad came home after his bad accident and all he could do was sit. Having Inky and Stinker there to purr him calm really helped.
    Purrs and Prayers for Momo
    Timmy Dad and Family

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