Poopoopeedo : a very elegant litter box

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Today, we present you a very elegant, strong, and with modern design litter box which we were completely unable to resist : the Poopoopeedo.
Poopoopeedo (we adore the name also, not you ?) is a product 100 % made in France, made and marketed by SinDesign.
available colorsAt the first glance, impossible to say that this beautiful object is a litter box. It’s made of ABS from 3 to 4 mm in thickness that’s cat’s urine-proof and completely recyclable ; the Poopoopeedo is available in 7 bright colors and finds its place in any inside.

The Poopoopeedo is supplied with a shovel and two anti-smell pads. And where are these accessories ? Inside ! Cunning, right ? The lid withdraws easily holding it by the imprint of cat cut in its summit to collect what there is to collect. Poopoopeedo is super easy to clean : nothing adheres inside, running water, and it’s done !
pelle et pastilles anti-odeurPoopoopeedo bottom Poopoopeedo top
e Poopoopeedo measures 70x40x40cm (opening:18×21 cm) ; it’s very spacious, and its base has a sufficient height so that the cats who like digging can have a tremendous time without putting half of the litter outside.
In our opinion, with such a beautiful design, and stocked with a comfortable pillow, the Poopoopeedo can also be used as cave for napping.
Pixie in the Poopoopeedo
The Poopoopeedo can be directly ordered at SinDesign at the price of 79.90 €. Postal charges are offered for France ; for other countries, postal charges are indicated during the order. Also inquire about possible customs duties which could apply.

For Switzerland, Poopoopeedo is distributed by Ani Confort.

This product was given us free of charge and we did not receive other compensation. The expressed opinions are only ours.

29 thoughts on “Poopoopeedo : a very elegant litter box

  1. April Nichols

    Love the name. I wouldn’t mind having something like this. When I first brought home Kisa, the door flap on her kitty litter box broke, and she won’t go through any litter boxes with them.

    Found out the hard way, haha.

  2. Kitties Blue

    That is the cutest litter box ever. It looks like a giant Easter egg. We too think it would make a great cat bed/hideout. Mom says she’d order one in an instant but that our dad might not like her spending so much money on a place for us to pee. Pixie looks so cute in the opening. Chalets Jo sends Zorro a kiss for nose. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. Raven

    That’s great litter box or hidey-bed. Humans can be very creative when it comes to disguising our litter box so that it looks pretty in the house.

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