Exotic tasting

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It’s raining today. In the wet jungle, the fearless hunter captured an anaconda. In the wet grass of the garden, I caught an earthworm. The fearless hunter brought back his prey to the base camp. I brought my earthworm to the living-room.

Hello Mr. Earthworm, are you tasty ?
Pixie tasting the earthworm
Yuk ! Not so much…
Does anybody else want to enjoy ?
who wants to taste an earthworm
What ? Have you ever had culinary experiences ?

32 thoughts on “Exotic tasting

  1. Marg

    Don’t think we would like a worm either. We don’t catch them. Leave them to the birds.Good for you to leave that. You all have a wonderful week end.

  2. Flynn

    I used to grab the earthworms when mum was gardening. I liked to chew on them after I had played with them. Sometimes mum would find chewed up bits of worm scattered around the kitchen. I don’t eat them now, but I still sometimes play with them.

  3. LP

    It probably makes a better “playmate” than dinner Pixie…but it might be good with a bit of cream! 😉

    the critters in the cottage xo


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