How to explain a sexual behavior in a spayed cat

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However strange it can appear, a spayed cat like me can have behavior of tomcat for months, even years later again.

It is a little bit awkward to say, but I often try to masturbate on my humans ; since Momo’s come-back, I also try to bite Claire’s clothes as if it was the neck of a ladycat.

How can this happen ? And what does it mean ?

When a male cat is castrated, his rate of testosterone decreases strongly. However, his male side is determined in utero by the foetal testosterone which bathes his brain and makes it more or less masculine. This male side is activated from the adolescence by the production of testosterone. The higher is the rate of foetal testosterone, the more the male character of the cat will be pronounced. After castration, in the lack of testosterone, the male behavior is not deactivated, it’s just less active. Attacks against another cat, dominant behavior (often confused with sexual behavior) or attacks with sexual character can persist.

In my case, I try to show that I’m the boss. My behavior is a dominant behavior. And I insist. Obviously, Claire tells me that it’s not acceptable, and that she’s going to learn me not to do it anymore by fixing me the following rules :

  • I can make biscuits, it’s normal that I do it when I’m happy
  • if I make biscuits and she sees my pupils dilating, that means that I am going to do something else : if I knead more and more, purr more and more hardly, get excited, she will stop petting me, will put me on the ground, and will ignore me for a while
  • and if I hump all the same, she will do the same thing, and will quit the room and leave me alone

Thus, if I play the bad boy, I lose her attention ; I have to understand that I’m not the boss in the house : but then, who is the boss if it’s not me ?

Claire on the keyboard : evaporations of pheromones can help in this situation ; in certain extremes cases, the cat can even receive injections of hormones to limit this behavior. Zorro did not need it and fast understood what I expected from him.

12 thoughts on “How to explain a sexual behavior in a spayed cat

  1. da tabbies o trout towne

    dood…ewe noe ewe will all wayz be de boss oh yur houz…. 🙂

    N eye am neutered N eye haz humped dai$y ona occasion ore two…tho it wuz a while bak when we both were much younger ~~~~ ♥♥

    butter lover boomer o cat

  2. Ann Staub

    Wow Zorro, you are brave for admitting this! 😉 I can’t recall meeting or having a male cat who has done this before but it’s very interesting. I’ve met a few unspayed females who had some raging hormones going on before.

  3. Clooney

    Yep, us Mancats can be interesting creatures huh…my Human calls this X-Rated Biscuit Making…not that I’d know anything about this, though…(blush)

  4. Bev Green

    Zorro you are not alone..i have had many neutered male cats whose hormones still played up..some like you getting a tad too amorous for me..and the ignore and remove technique works well will always be the boss…just hopefully less amorous 🙂 loves Fozziemum xxx


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