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Pixie et le kit Happy CatHappy Cat is a private action for animal welfare. Stephanie Schneider is a cat friend, and her four cats can go outside. However, she was for a long time against the fact to equip them with collar.

Stephanie wanted a collar which is not too much expensive, which can be seen, which is attractive, and which doesn’t present any danger for her cats. She had one day the idea to cut a strip of Chromolux paper to replace the collar which Sugar had lost again : it was purrfect !

kit Happy CatWe already heard of Happy Cat collars, and when she contacted us, we asked her for a sample to test the product before to tell you about it ; we had the pleasant surprise to receive a complete kit (50 collars, more than 1000 self-adhesive pastes to decorate them, reflecting stickers, 2 indelible pens, and a Scotch tape) !

colors Happy CatMaking a collar is easy : cut the strip at the good length by measuring on the cat, decorate it, and assemble it with the adhesive tape to close it. Life cycle of the collar : approximately two weeks. Price of the kit : 23.60 € + shipping. Zone of delivery: Europe. The site is in German, but videos allow very easily to understand everything.

Is it reliable ? Strips are not easy to tear if we fire in flat smoothly, but as soon as it twists little itself, they give in easily. Strips have a 1 kg resistance. Claire tried to dip them into the water : 10 mn later, the paper softens and tears easily also.


We found that it was a good idea, and we want to share it with you : three among you all will receive a sample consisting of 10 necklaces, 1 indelible pen, a reflecting sticker and 350 strass to past !

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18 thoughts on “Happy Cat collars

  1. Connie

    this could be really interesting for the shelter. they give the cats plain white collars to id them with while they are up for adoption in community rooms, something with a little sparkle would be fun, and would be something the kids who come to the shelter could do

  2. da tabbies o trout towne

    Pixie & zorro, we due knot wear collars heer…. but theeze due look like they R fun to make & itz nice that they “break away” for de catz safe tee !! ♥♥♥


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