Our Secret Paws package has arrived !

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We had a great surprise last week as our Secret package Paws* arrived ! We were very impatient to know from whom that came, and especially what was inside : this big package, with our name written in big black letters above, came from Tanner and Oliver from Four Crazy Cats.

Claire let us open it at once : there was a letter and several packages wrapped in a pretty paper.
Secret Paws 2015_1
I inspected the box at once, and there was even some brown wrapping paper to be ripped !
Secret Paws 2015_2
Secret Paws 2015_3
Pixie came to help me to unpack the presents : we have been spoiled ! We received many toys, an igloo, treats, laser, and Claire also received treats. The small knots on the left of the photo were made by Suzanne herself, Tanner’s and Oliver’s human.
Secret Paws 2015_4
Secret Paws 2015_6
Pixie was happy : there were even super girly toys ! (That will not prevent me from playing with : real guys love pink as it’s said !)
Secret Paws 2015_5

Thank you very much Tanner, Oliver, and Suzanne for all these wonderful presents !

*Secret Paws = Secret Santa

22 thoughts on “Our Secret Paws package has arrived !

  1. Sammy

    WOW! What a magnifique Secret Paws package you got! Love the “tent” and toys and that looks like a good box to play in too………..a real WIN/WIN!

    Love, Sammy

  2. mariodacat

    WOW, you really got lots of nice prezzies. How wonderful. It’s always exciting to open a box and see what is inside. Then after the prezzies are gone, you can hide in the box.


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