Successful garden patrol

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A fearless vole decided some times ago to build his own tunnel of Gothard (our national pride), nearby field up to our garden, by passing under the concrete border.
trou de campagnol
One morning, the merry road worker borrowed this beautiful tunnel. However, he had not planned customs officers’ watchful presence : us. He just manages to take refuge in the center of the bundle of hydrangea, in a place we could not reach.
Zorro and Pixie around hortensia
He yelled so hardly being afraid that Claire heard him through the opened window from the inside of the house and came to see what was happening !
Vole in hortensia
We tried everything : impossible to dislodge him from his hiding place. Then we decided to have a good nap to think about the problem.

During the afternoon, the vole took advantage of our extended nap to go right by our nose escaped our vigilance and went out of his refuge. But this moron chooses to visit the garden, instead of taking off in no time by where he had come !
Vole in hibiscus
This time, we stuck him against the trunk of the hibiscus. And it’s there that Claire and Momo spoiled everything : they pushed OUR vole in a plastic bottle of which the bottom was cut, and evacuated him in the field nearby.
Vole in the bottle
Waste of time : this stupid vole returned in the garden during the night, and next morning, Claire and Momo found a half devoured backside which they easily recognized…

25 thoughts on “Successful garden patrol

  1. Summer

    Well, voles are not very bright, are they?

    When I find a mouse or rat for my human, she takes them a couple of miles away! Can you believe it? But that’s what it takes to keep their homing instinct from kicking in.

  2. The Menagerie Mom

    I was going to tell the humans what a great rescue they made, but then I read that last sentence. Well, it was a great effort, at the least! And I guess this call for a congratulations on your successful hunt, kitties!

  3. Ellen Pilch

    Good job getting him. I don’t like them, there was one in our yard last year and I got scared and ran. I tripped on the cinder block raised bed and ended up all bruised.

  4. Canadian Cats

    You were very understanding and kind with the vole Claire but I think they are stupid. I caught a mouse and mom got rid of it by letting it go inside the neighbour’s fence. The fool of a mouse came back so she got rid of it by putting it in the other neighbour’s yard….that one was successful. I don’t eat mice, just play with them but as I get older the idea really turns me off. Mom likes this.


  5. Mark's Mews

    Your Human is weak, ooh um “kind”. OURS would have helped us catch it. Really, sometimes when we are all outside chasing some hidely little rodent around the yard, TBT finds it when we cant. And holds it down with a light foot until we come over and chase it again. And in fact, he has killed a few himself. Thats one reason we admire him; he is more like us that most Humans seem to be.

  6. da tabbies o trout towne

    pixie & zorro..

    thiz post rocked…..veree well written…we cracked UP !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    de vole should stayed a way….him most shirley mezzed with de wrong
    border pa trollz agentz !! ♥♥♥


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