Cats, firecrackers, and fireworks

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Happy early birthday, Switzerland ! On Tuesday, August 1st, we’ll celebrate your 726 years !

Unfortunately for us, humans adore celebrating noisily this kind of event : music and fireworks won’t be lacking.


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Cats, firecrackers, and fireworks

We hate as much the noise as the vibrations caused by these things. Some cats appreciate the fireworks show from the cosy inside of their apartment, but they are rare. Most of them (and us with them !) is going to hide under the bed, or in a cupboard, or where they feel safe.

What to do with your cat during the national holiday ?

If your cat goes out, keep him inside to prevent him from running away. Close windows to damp the noise, and lower blinds or close curtains, or better, shutters. Turn on the television or put some music to have a background noise. The ideal is to stay with your cat and to attend calmly to your usual activities. Bach Rescue Pets drops can be useful. We also know that calming treats are available on open sale in some countries, but we didn’t find it in Switzerland.

If you already know that your cat will be really very put under stress, anticipate and consult your veterinarian : he can prescribe you a light tranquilizer and advise you.
Cats, firecrackers, and fireworks

22 thoughts on “Cats, firecrackers, and fireworks

  1. Mickey's Musings

    We also do not understand the human desire for noisy celebrating with fireworks.
    Mum keeps the windows closed so it is not too loud.
    The trees around our place also block some of the noise.
    For us it is not so bad. We are sad for critters that are outside.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. Athena

    Why is it that humans want to keep making so much noise all the time?

    Fireworks don’t really bother me. They bother my mum though. She is easily irritated by noise.

    Purrs xx

  3. Colehaus Cats

    FIreworks, ugh! Even though our city put a ban in place this past national holiday in July, it would seem no one paid any attention to it and our neighborhood sounded like a war zone quite literally. Our Mom makes us a big fort for that night and she comes in there with us and reads us books with a flashlight and gives us brushies and lots of pets and a few treats. We like all that and though we’re still scared, it’s better to be scared with others than alone.

  4. da tabbies o trout towne

    Pixie N zorro…happee earl lee birthday two switzerland….we just got thru fire werkz heer N peepulz iz STILL shootin sum off everee now N then…we think we mite a told ya thiz all reddy may bee…but one yeer a coyoteez waz runnin thru de naybor hood ta get a way frum all de noize N stuff…we feeled bad for him 🙁


  5. M. K. Clinton

    Happy birthday, Switzerland! Bentley doesn’t like fireworks either. I have started to dread holidays where fireworks are involved. Of course, thunderstorms are rough on him too. He would not have been a very good hunting hound dog! LOL!

  6. Cathy Keisha

    I’m one of the few cats not bothered by fireworks. I look up startled at the first one and then go back to sleep. Lately we have to much construction noise here, I’m ready for anything.

  7. Just Ducky

    Mum keeps me inside, well I am inside all the time. Then she also has the moving picture box going so inside normal noise to mask the boomers outside.

  8. easyweimaraner

    we hope no one has a scary night and the noises are over soon. we had no firework this year (the first time ever)… we furst thought maybe the peeps are smarter now and refuse to blow money in the air, but it was just a catfight between the rulers of our kraal… but nevertheless we had a silent night ;o)

  9. Marg

    That is some good advice. Sounds like you all have some safe places to hide. Fireworks are not any fun at all. Very scary stuff. Good luck to all of you.

  10. mommakatandherbearcat

    Poor Pixie. Around here, people aren’t satisfied with the organized displays … even though it’s technically illegal to set off fireworks where we live – people always manage to. One year, it went from 6 pm to 2 am. Bear was a complete wreck and I finally turned up music just so he could fall asleep.

  11. The Canadian Cats

    725 year anniversary!! Holy man…Switzerland is a well established country. Canada is only 150.

    Shoko doesn’t like the banging and racket outside and has a tendency to run under the bed. Kali doesn’t seem to mind the racket and lays on the bed with me. Slowly, very slowly Shoko is becoming less afraid to the point she will lay with us.


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