How do cats get ready for winter ?

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We had cold, rain and wind yesterday, a real autumn weather ! Leaves begin imperceptibly to change color and to fall, and we begin discreetly to get ready for winter.

How do cats get ready for winter ?

They moult.

The renewal of our coat accelerates, and we lose many hairs : our summer hairs fall and are replaced by our more thick winter hairs. It’s important to brush us regularly ! Indeed, we spend a lot of time to lick ourselves to have a wash, and the excessive ingestion of hairs can cause digestive problems : hairs gather together in our stomach and form balls. If we can vomit these hairballs, so much the better, but otherwise, we risk an intestinal obstruction.

They eat more.

Zorro increases his daily ration of about 50 grams. His weight increases by at least 300 grams in winter ! He bards literally himself with bacon, eeh, fat, to protect himself from the cold, because he goes out almost as much in winter as in summer.
As for me, there are few differences between my summer rations and my wintry rations, because I go a lot less outside as soon as it gets a little bit chilly.

They sleep longer.

As there are fewer small critters to be observed, we get a little bored… Fortunately, our human is attentive to play every day with us to make us move ! She also places puzzles feeders in strategic places to distract us.

They spend more time inside.

It’s normal, we get cold pads after a while !

Indoor cats are also subject to these changes, but in a much less marked way.
how do cats get ready for winter

20 thoughts on “How do cats get ready for winter ?

  1. Eastside Cats

    After a little while of cooler temps, we are getting Summer weather back again around here! Glad I didn’t store away my shorts and t-shirts, and I like that the kitties have some more pleasant days to fritter away.

  2. Colehaus Cats

    We are amazed at how outside cats or any animal survives the cold winters, especially where snow and ice for days, weeks, and months are normal. We think we’ve seen those signs in our indoor cats from summer into winter, and are thankful everyone loves brushies to help them gain their indoor winter coats.

  3. Marg

    That is all so true. We all eat much more and we know just how to curl up to stay warm when we are outside. That sure is a pretty picture. Have a great week end.

  4. Canadian Cats

    You got the cold weather too eh? Yep, fall is in the air….dang it! We like summer best. Kali is shedding furs like crazy. Mom thought she was going bald but she still has furs. I don’t loose much fur but I am outside more than Kali. Go figure! Perhaps I’m a late shedder. mol


  5. Marvelous

    I marvelous, have not spent a winter in Canada. But I believe the winters are not much different than in Tehran. I am looking forward to it. And Cats getting ready for winter…For me, it will just mean less trips out to the Catio..

  6. Timmy and Einstein

    Dad no longer likes the winter now as he ages. He says his bones hurt and they never used too. That is why him and Buddy Budd sit and talk about elder things MOL
    Einstein say he was so happy that you Zorro and Pixie came across the ocean to his birthday pawty. He says you looked like you were having a great time and he will not say anything to Claire MOL
    Timmy and Einstein

  7. Chuck Huss

    Our cats have never experienced freezing temperatures since they are mostly indoors cats and our temperature rarely falls below freezing. When it does, we surely have the heat on.

  8. Louou

    Oh, thank you for letting me know that other kitties do what I’m doing for winter’s arrival. No wonder my hair is all over the place, but mama brushes me often and I LOVVVVVE that.
    My eyes sort of squint and my purr gets louder and then I get malt paste for possible whatevers…..
    Happy winter to you all.

  9. Chirpy Cats

    Summer came quite late here in Montreal! So we’re still enjoying 30 degrees (celcius). Although we have to brace ourselves for lots of snow in winter.
    It’s not only us kitties that moult, I’m sure the Lady Cat moults too since her long hair is all over the place too! MOL


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