Meeting The Poupounette Gang

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The last ten days were the most exciting : Claire and #1 of the Poupounette Gang had decided to meet in France. It’s an event, because as you know, Claire is not a big traveler (and us even less …). Unfortunately, Air France (airline company) and the SCNF (railways company) had announced important strikes the day planned for her departure. Would she only be able to leave ?

Yes ! Relying only on her courage, Claire defied the strikes and the crowd of travelers to arrive finally safe and sound to the Poupounette Central.

She was so able to get to know better #1, and especially our four paws friends :

the pretty Tama, who makes sure with a firm paw that everything goes well with the boys,

the adorable Genji, who spent a large part of his time in Claire’s arm (not, we’re not jealous, it’s a friend),

the beautiful Bibi,

the friendly Tommy, always ready for a good play session in the fields,

and the sweet Violette, who enjoyed a good brush given by #1.

Claire even had the great honor to ride Violette !

We thank the Poupounette Gang very much for the warm welcome they gave to our human, and for the toys and delicious treats they offered to us. Claire and #1 have already promised to renew the experience !

21 thoughts on “Meeting The Poupounette Gang

  1. LP

    How wonderful that you defied both strikes and made it safely to France.

    It looks as though you had a lovely time meeting everyone 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo


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