Technical problem

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Our webhost set up a tool which detects the updates of our plugins and forces them to be done. Indeed, some of their customers do not do the updates as one would need, what affects the security of websites and their servers.

During one of this, on Friday, a problem arose on our site : all the comments of April, 2016 to Friday disappeared from the site !

Claire was in tears. She contacted her webhost, and quickly received answers on behalf of the very big boss ! We are thus a little reassured. The technical team of our host will take care of the problem on Monday morning.

Fortunately, beyond that, our site works normally, and your comments left since Thursday are in our e-mail inbox, thanks to the notifications we receive, and on the blogpost since Friday : it thus changes nothing to my commentathon !

Share and comment for my commentathon, you have until Monday to help me to reach 100 comments !

1 comment = 1 CHF for a shelter ! Go, go, go, there are already 40 !

18 thoughts on “Technical problem

  1. Jeanne Foguth

    Good luck with your technical problem… I’m okay at fixing things I can see (like watering a thirsty plant), but software issues baffle me, so I wouldn’t know where to look for vanished comments.

  2. Summer

    What a relief that your commenthon count is still there! My human is lazy about updating plugins, but she does do them eventually – and she is very careful about checking the blog as she goes along.

  3. Raven

    That’s an awful feeling. I hope your webhost is able to recover the comments.
    My self-hosted WordPress software was hacked a few months ago so I decided to move the blog to They take care of all the security, which I don’t have time or interest to do.
    I also realized that the important information in my blog was at risk, so I spent a week copying everything to documents that I maintain with word processing software. It was an awful chore, but at least I have all the information in a more manageable format.

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