Ta-daaa !

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That’s it ! After one month of works, our new kitchen is finally finished ! The table is just missing (it won’t arrive before three weeks) : imagine a white table with anthracite feet and four chairs (2 green, 2 orange), OK ?

Before – after :

What Claire and Momo prefer : the dishwasher ! (it’s the first time they have one)
What we prefer : the return to normalcy !

However, we live in slow motion, because we’re living exceptional weather conditions. Indeed, the period from April till July is the hottest that Switzerland has lived since 1864, and the driest since 1921 (source : MétéoSuisse). We hope it rains, and the temperatures come down !

31 thoughts on “Ta-daaa !

  1. greg-in-washington

    I guess I won’t ask what happened to the refrigerator! That you like the kitchen is the important thing. If the health department sees mine, it will be ripped out too! Must be hard on a poor kitty all that activity going on. Better to be outside in the SHADE!

  2. Colehaus Cats

    WHOA! That is beautiful!!! Everything is built-in and the cabinet color is gorgeous!

    We’re hoping for rain sometime soon, too. If we ever get rain (we’re in a bad drought here), we’ll send some your way.

  3. Chirpy Cats

    Oh how we love the kitchen with its beautiful green shade.
    We also had water restrictions for the past month. Our grass is gone beige but we’re hoping it will return back to normal. It rained the past few days and we really needed it!
    I lived in Zurich (Adliswil) and it was always pleasant in summer but never too hot!

    Stay cool kitties and we hope you get rain soon! xx

  4. William's Kith & Kin

    Wow! That should be featured in Better Homes & Gardens! It’s just beautiful!

    Would you believe our mom never uses the dishwasher? Well, for storage, but that’s about it. She says with just her and us it’s not worth it.

  5. Mickey's Musings

    WOW! What a lovely and more functional kitchen with all that extra counter space.
    The hidden fridge is pretty cool too 😉
    We purr you enjoy it for a long time.
    As cats, we would also love the return to normalcy !
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  6. Teddy

    Looks REALLY wonderful!! Everything nice and orderly and handy and isn’t having a dishwasher just GREAT?! I love having one…..pretty mint green color on the walls. It’s not easy going through the construction time having to cook in the garage or another room (!) but it’s SOOO worth it!

    Hugs, Pam

  7. Raven

    Your new kitchen looks fantastic. It looks like it will be much easier to work in there with the extra counter space where the refrigerator was and with the new sink. The new refrigerator with cabinet-style doors looks great.

  8. Sherri-Ellen T-D.

    Mee-you yur new kitt-chen iss gorgeous!! An it lookss bigger with thee fridge moved. (Mee watchess home reno showss with LadyMum).
    An Zorro mee toe-tallee agrees about fingss ree-ternin to ‘normal!! Wee all have our purrsonal ‘normal’ 😉
    Pixie mee hopess thee rain comes soon. France; U-Kay; Canada; sum partss of thee Statess an youss’ an inn Finland an Sweden thee weather iss TOO *HOT* an hue-mid an not enuff rain! Iss sorta freeky issn’t it??
    Pawss crossed fur a nice pleasant Autumm….
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xXXx an {{hugsss}} LadyMum

  9. Marv

    Your remade kitchen looks wonderful! I bet Claire is happy and I must say my Mom is a little envoius. We hope you guys get some relief from the heat soon. We are supposed to cool off midweek. Right now there is a peat bog fire in a park about 4 kms further down river. It has been burning for 4 days now and they are hoping to get it under control by next weekend…if it does cool down. The peat has to be dug out to get it to stop burning. There was one across the river 2 summers ago and it took over 5 weeks! The smoke stinks an makes our eyes burn.
    Do you guys have to worry about fires your area of Switzerland?

  10. Valentine

    Ooh I luv the color of your countertops, ’cause they match your furrs! Mom says she really likes your new subway tile backsplash. I bet you are relieved that your humans are now done with the house purr-oject so they now have more time to spend with you.

  11. da tabbies o trout towne

    pixie N zorro…

    claire N momo’s new kitshun iz awesum… N we hope they put de dish washin masheen ta good use… bye cookin up lotz N lotz N lotz oh fish for ewe both 😉 ♥♥

  12. caren gittleman

    Oh my it is GORGEOUS!! Just GORGEOUS!! So happy for you!!! I LOVE that you used my favorite color (green!!)….your kitchen is just delightful and well-deserved! I hope you have many delicious meals and happy times there! I remember when I got my first dishwasher, OMC you will NEVER want to be without one again!! xoxo


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