Joy and sorrow

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«Joy or sadness, tears are feelings that the heart fails to translate into words.» Unknown author

A few days ago, we received a packet from our friends at Poupounette Gang : #1 thought of us during his stay in Japan, and came back with treats and a small plate for us, and socks, a scarf, tea and post-it notes for Claire. Vidock and Violette have added a calendar with beautiful photos of Percheron horses taken by #1.

Thank you for your friendship and generosity, we were very touched !

We are all the more touched by the terrible news we heard on Friday : Tommy just had the diagnosis with a very aggressive form of cancer (angiosarcoma of the spleen). He has only a very short time left. If you haven’t already done so, please drop Tama, Bibi, Genji, Violette, Vidock, #1, and Tommy a word of comfort.

16 thoughts on “Joy and sorrow

  1. jea

    I am very, very sorry to hear about Tommy’s diagnosis. Our family is facing our first Christmas without Mr. M. He was diagnosed about 14 months ago, and give 2-4 months to live. He actually lived 6, and I hope Tommy had a bit more time saying goodbye than predicted.

  2. ERin the cat

    Such mixed emotions, as you say. The best gift of all is of course life, the next best having good friends to share it with. Sending gentle purrs to Tommy and his family. Such wonderful gifts you have received, that is so very kind of the gang.

  3. Valentine

    Oh dears, I’m sorry to hear that your pal Tommy is very sick. I’m glad that he will be able to spend one more Christmas with his luved ones before he gets his wings. Hugs.

  4. Marv

    #1 is such a special person.
    We were so furry sad to read about Tommy. He epitomizes the Purrfect dog! Even I, Marvelous would love him … (Cinnamon scares me) and such lovely gifts you received!


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