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It’s grey, it’s cold, rain mixed with snow is falling (or snow mixed with rain, I don’t know very well) : so I decided to exercise inside.

For those who are not familiar with CrossFit, WOD stands for Workout Of the Day.


  • climb stairs at full speed, jumping 2 steps at a time
  • go down more quietly
  • high-speed chase with Zorro
  • with Claire : capture 5 times my Neko Fly
  • climb my cat tree up to the ceiling
  • catch the Neko Fly from the top platform of the cat tree
  • go down and jump from the bottom platform to the ground
  • 4 minutes cardio-training with the Cat Dancer

And you, what is your program to stay fit ?

32 thoughts on “WOD

  1. ERin the cat

    My WOD, that was a busy session. Have you thought about pilates? That is way less stressful and you get a natty outfit and a pretty exercise mat, too! For real hardcore workout I go mousing, followed by a short session on the pole and a touch of belly dancing. For the latter you will need the help of a human to tickle the tummy and for the former you need a sisal covered pole 😉
    Toodle pips and purrs

  2. Sherri-Ellen T-D.

    WOW yore WOD iss amazin Pixie!!!
    Mee doess stretchess an then mee playss pounce THE Birdie with LadyMew! Shee getss mee jumpin an pouncin an rollin! Mee all so playss Chase thee Butterfly Dot toy….an mee has rappin papurr an tisshue papurr mee shredss an tearss fore uppurr body workout!!!
    An mee playss soccer with eether plastic golf ballss or pinpypong balls!! They are THE best!
    An then mee werestless with ‘Nip toys an reddy fore bed!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  3. Marv

    What a great WOD! Ours is very similar, except one of my favorites is to play fetch with my Ratty. I bring it to Mom to throw and she throws it down the stairs and I try to catch it before it stops! Then I race back to Mom meowing with it in my mouth to do it all over again! We usually do it about 6 times.
    The Feliway is working pretty well when we are upstairs on the bedroom level (where the difuser is) but I can get a little aggressive if we are playing down on the living room level.

  4. da tabbies o trout towne

    pixie; well, uh……hmmmmmmm….letz see…..may bee we will get bak two ewe on thiz coz we gotta think oh how we wanna dee fine….”fit” !!! 😉 ♥


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