Sunday bath

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In our relationship, it’s always Pixie who comes to get hugs or asks me to give her a bath.

I gladly do it : I start with the ears…

… I continue with the top and back of the head…

… but sometimes I get a little excited, and my approach looks more and more like a wrestling match.

Pixie tries to break free, I get clutchy, she squirms, and finally, it ends like this !

Do grooming sessions ever turn into wrestling at your home ?

24 thoughts on “Sunday bath

  1. Marv

    Hee! Hee! When I want to wrestle and Ninja is laying on the sofa, I jump up and start cleaning his ears…after about 4 licks I BITE!
    THe Wrestle Match begins!

  2. Teddy

    Well since I don’t have a brother or sister to share bathing experiences with, I have my Mom taking care of those things with the wicked brush. I will allow it to a point then things get a little “clutch and bitey” so these grooming sessions are SHORT!

    Hugs, Teddy

  3. mommakatandherbearcat

    I read somewhere that the grooming cat is the dominant one – and the resulting disagreement is partly due to that. I see it here with Bear and Ellie. Bear’s dominant and starts to groom her and after a while, she flips out and swipes at him and then they go at it!


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