Chain reaction

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You know what a chain reaction is ? No ? I’ll explain…

First, television has shown serious signs of weakness. As long as we had to change it, Claire and Momo thought they could take a bigger one. They realized that the current furniture would be too small.

Since the cheap cabinets in Momo’s office had already been patched up many times and they were no longer really closing, our humans thought they could be replaced by the cabinets in the living room. So they made that change. Our living room looked like this :

After a trip to Ikea, a few hours of putting shelves together, and a good series of swearing, our living room was back to normal. You could again pass from the cat tree (right) to the staircase (left). But we could no longer go on our beloved cabinets, as they were now in Momo’s office…

Momo then decided to catify his office ; instead, see what he did so that we could walk around our cabinets again :

Cool, huh ?

35 thoughts on “Chain reaction

  1. Erin the cat princess

    Heck, that is one great piece of remodelling. Love the setup and think you are very lucky to have staff that are so able to build all that for you. Now, all you need to do is carry that through into the rest of the palace, MOL

  2. Raven

    Your house is fantastic. I wish my dad would let me catify this house. Mom’s first house was catified like yours but I’m not allowed to have perches on the walls here, only free-standing cat trees. 🙁

  3. Hairballs and Hissyfits

    I try never to buy anything cause once I do it leads to another dozen purchases somehow!! Love the office! And I LOVE that orange paint colour!
    PS I found some of that Canadian litter-surprisingly hard to find since it is made here!! I will let you know how it goes!


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