First days of autumn

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I hear it’s autumn, but we can hardly believe it : it’s still so beautiful and warm !

We make the most of the garden : this early autumn is like summer, but without the heat wave, it’s even better.

With the mild temperatures, there are still a lot of little critters out there. Zorro is very happy to be able to regularly offer big moths (alive) to Claire.

And you, are you in late summer or early fall ?

26 thoughts on “First days of autumn

  1. Teddy

    Fall is falling here but we happen to be in a bit of a heatwave just now. Hopefully FALL will win the contest though because we are ready for COOL and colorful leaves!

    Hugs, Teddy

  2. Erin the Cat

    I was hoping we’d skip the rain and head to the cold dry of winter, but seems like we hit wetville bang on the first day of Autumn.
    Envy your good days already, even though we only left ours behind two days ago.

  3. databbiesotrouttowne

    pixie N zorro; it be fall heer sew sayz de calendar but mom nature sayz HOLD UP….
    itz still summer time !! 🙂 ♥♥

  4. Eastside Cats

    For yesterday, the last day of summer, we had high temps, high humidity, but a glorious breeze and sunshine. Today, it’s cooler, but still white puffy clouds and bright blue sky. Da Boyz would chase that moth until it couldn’t fly anymore!

  5. Mark's Mews

    We are still in late Summer here. By now, it is usually cooler and rainy, but it stays dry and hot. We would love to offer TBT a big fat moth, but there just arent any around these days.

  6. Three Chatty Cats

    We’re still late summer over here – pretty warm still. And speaking of moths, for some reason we had dozens and dozens of moths on our house one morning! It was really freaky and weird.

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