Can my cat catch the COVID-19 and transmit it to me ?

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The global coronavirus epidemic continues to spread among our humans, and rumours are now circulating about pets : can they catch the COVID-19 ? Can they pass it on to humans ? Some people even ask veterinarians to euthanize their companion for fear of disease !

Can my cat catch the COVID-19 and transmit it to me ?

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that can affect different species ; viruses are found that are “adapted” to each animal, but these viruses can sometimes change hosts as a result of a mutation, and thus be transmitted from animal to human.

However, scientists believe that the risk is very low that cats can catch the virus causing COVID-19 and get sick. A cat could potentially be contaminated by living under the same roof as a person with COVID-19 without any symptoms and without getting sick.

The cat may catch other forms of coronavirus, such as feline infectious peritonitis.

Either way, stay calm and wash your paws !

In Switzerland, right now, all demonstrations of more than 1000 people are prohibited. At present there are no specific restrictions on schools, cinemas, supermarkets or public transport, but special situations are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Claire is scrupulously following the guidelines provided by the cantonal school authorities, and must be reachable at all times, day and night, in order to be able to transmit information in real time to the teachers, students and parents of her school, and take swift action if needed too. In another region, two classes have already been quarantined as a precaution.

Therefore, it’s absolutely necessary to apply the following hygiene rules and precautions :

What about your canton or country ? Do you have any other special instructions to follow ?

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24 thoughts on “Can my cat catch the COVID-19 and transmit it to me ?

  1. meowmeowmans

    We must follow all protocols about washing, avoiding large gatherings, not touching our faces, and the like. Some conferences and meetings are being cancelled, too. It’s concerning, but we can only do our best to follow the rules, right?

  2. Erin the cat princess

    Thanks for sharing this, Claire, very good to see some sense out there. In general, the panic buying and stupidity seems to be the same the world over. The advice however is good and sound and I hope folks will be practical and sensible about things, and not try to shift issues onto us pets!

  3. The Island Cats

    While we should adhere to the guidelines of washing our hands/paws thoroughly, it does seem like some humans are taking this whole thing too far and starting to panic.

  4. Eastside Cats

    Maybe we should use the Vulcan ‘Live Long and Prosper’ hand gesture from now on!
    At the office, our company has banned all travel, and if anyone goes on vacation, they must get the okay from their superior to return to work afterward.

  5. Summer

    My human is doing all the common sense precautions, and we are still doing our therapy cat visits for now – just being extra careful to wipe down both before and after the visits.

  6. Athena

    Thanks for this information. Mum is in a panic because she suffers from anxiety disorder and has germ phobia.

    It’s weird how some people have only just realised that theyhave to wash their hands, though. Why can’t they be like us cats, eh?

  7. databbiesotrouttowne

    zorro, manee thanx for sharin thiz info; we R veree sad ta lurn sum peepul R askin ther vetz ta
    euthanize their pets; we hope de vets R knot doin sew ~~~~~~~~~ N we hope Claire’s werk iz knot
    affected bye all thiz ~~~~ waves two pixie 🙂 ♥♥

  8. Raven

    Sounds like similar precautions are being taken here, but we did have one school closure today because a family tested positive for the virus. Sounds like we should all be more cat-like: be aloof (keep your distance) and be meticulously clean.

  9. William's Kith & Kin

    We have no cases in our state (New Mexico), but you wouldn’t know it if you went shopping. Our mom went to a big store today to get cat food and a few other non-panicky things, and the shelves for any sort of sanitizing product, TP and paper towels were empty. She wishes people would just calm down and use common sense.

  10. Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs

    I have had restrictions on travel put on us at my work…and our building and all the others that are part of our four state organization have the same restrictions as to travel, visitors and gatherings. Most activities and outings are not happening either, which is sad for the residents…they will suffer as much from this isolation as from getting sick…

  11. Kitties Blue

    We are saddened to read that some idiots would euthanize their pepsin fear of the virus. It has not com to our little corner of SW Virgina, and w are praying it does not. Praying it doesn’t find its way to any of you. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

  12. Timmy Tomcat

    Dad thinks this is all a bit too much. Being a nurse he knows that the regular flu kills so many people most would be amazed if they only knew. 30,000 in the US alone. Maybe this will get people to follow simple guidelines to prevent the Corona, and, regular flu

  13. Kimberley Kozlowski

    The statement about euthanizing your pet for fear they will give you the virus sickens me. I so hope people are much smarter than that. The USA has begun cancelling assemblies of large groups, like at concerts, political gatherings, television show audiences, parades, etc. The stores have been cleaned out of antiseptic gels and sprays, and in some places toilet paper. For our part we are avoiding unnecessary trips to the store or to restaurants. When I bring items home from the store I immediately wipe them down with a Lysol wipe (and let it sit for 4 minutes as it takes that long to kill the germs.) Washing our hands, using a tissue to open doors, not shaking hands and sneezing into our armpits are ideal ways of not spreading germs.

  14. Cathy Keisha

    Whoa! All forms of entertainment have been cancelled here. No sports, Broadway shows, concerts, etc. Schools are closed. We’re just bracing for the worst and washing our paws.

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