Happy Easter !

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The temperatures are almost summery (24 C – 75 F, which is very hot for the season), and the Easter weekend looks bright. Our ornamental cherry (prunus) is in bloom for Easter, and Claire planted the first salads in the garden.

No family reunion and no Easter meal this year, can you imagine ? Not even a small dish to lick !

But don’t let that stop you from keeping some traditions : whether in the garden, on the terrace or in the living room, we hope that your egg hunt will be a success !

Happy Easter !

22 thoughts on “Happy Easter !

  1. Teddy

    What a beautiful tree and such pretty Spring scenery! We know it’s a very different Easter this year but the important thing is we’re all with our families and staying healthy. Have a PAWSOME Easter.

    Love, Teddy and Mom

  2. Erin the cat princess

    Love your portraits this week, and that tree is wonderful to see. Very warm this week, but rain and risk of storms for Monday. Having said that, I am not complaining of warth during the lockdown, just complaining that Mrs H forgot to buy any Easter eggs!

  3. Marv

    We are having a GRRREAT Easter! We were out in the fresh air first thing and when we came in, Mom had made Eggs Benidict (we always have eggs Bennie) and we all got some egg and ham and a taste of Hollindaise! We LOVE it.
    Hoppy Easter to you and yours from us and ours! Love Marv, Ninja, Jo Jo, Kozmo and Cinnamon (and Mom)

  4. Valentine

    Well, Sisfur Myrnie and I checked out our Easter baskets this morning but we didn’t find any treats in them. I think the Easter Bunny hid them somewhere in the house for later today. Myrnie has been doing Easter whaps (wrapping eggs around not the floor) since Mom brought them down from the attic last month. I’ve been busy trying to convince Mom that I need real bunnies of my very own. Tee hee hee. Winks. HAVE A HIPPITY HOPPITY HAPPY EASTER!

  5. Little Binky and Granny

    You both look so great on this Easter Weekend, Zorro and Pixie and that Prunus sure does too. That’s the good thing of this Easter, that we still have so much beauty around us, don’t you think? Clean Pawkisses for a Happy Easter Monday. Stay Safe Healthy and Yourselfie *purraying paws* 🙂 <3

  6. Mickey's Musings

    Hope you had a great Easter!
    Our snow is gone and things are slowly starting to grow.
    We have had crows and squirrels collecting dried grass for nests.
    We assume it is the female that does this, but we may be wrong!
    We cannot tell the difference as we can never get close enough to see(neither can mum )
    Maybe the males help in this respect!
    Purrs,Georgia and Julie

  7. Mark's Mews

    We have Saucer magnolias in our yard rather thn cherries, but they both bloom about the same time and are both pink-flowered and beautiful. We have salad greens growing too (red romaine, read leaf, green leaf, and endive). Happy gardening to you and we hope you had good egg-hunting.

  8. BellaDharma an LadyMew

    Mee-yow Pixie an Zorro a hundred apawlogess fore not gettin here beefore Easter…LadyMew was sick (just a head cold butt shee panicked!)
    Any who wee did not cellybrate Passover or Easter…wee just glad to be alive an together.
    You both look lovelee out inn garden…wee still gettin snow at nite which meltss inn daytime but still chilly like Winter here! CATFISH!!!
    Happy beelated Easter to you both an Miss Claire an Momo too1
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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