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I almost look like a maneki-neko in this picture, don’t you think ?

Anyway, I brought happiness to someone during our 8th blogoversary : Lola and Lexy won the fantastic surprise package that we offered for this occasion !

Lola and Lexy also have a blog, Lola The Rescued Cat ; Lola even wrote a book with the help of her human Dawn White. They are passionate about rescue and animal welfare, and will be very happy with your visit.

We cannot show you what they will get because it’s a surprise, but we hope that they will satisfy your curiosity when they receive their package.

22 thoughts on “Maneki-neko

  1. mommakatandherbearcat

    Pixie, at first, I was thinking that being that gorgeous must be hard work … but now, I’m thinking it’s just effortless for you 🙂
    Maybe you try to make it LOOK hard to make the rest of us cats feel better!

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