Visit to Aquatis

A few weeks ago, our humans went to visit Aquatis.

Aquatis is the largest freshwater aquarium-vivarium in Europe, and is located in Lausanne, 40 kilometres from us.

Aquatis presents 5 biozones and 12 natural environments from all over the world ; the visitor discovers different freshwater ecosystems from all continents along the route, and is aware of their specificity and fragility, which must absolutely be preserved.

Let us introduce you to some Aquatis tenants :

First days of autumn

I hear it’s autumn, but we can hardly believe it : it’s still so beautiful and warm !

We make the most of the garden : this early autumn is like summer, but without the heat wave, it’s even better.

With the mild temperatures, there are still a lot of little critters out there. Zorro is very happy to be able to regularly offer big moths (alive) to Claire.

And you, are you in late summer or early fall ?