Can my cat catch the COVID-19 and transmit it to me ?

The global coronavirus epidemic continues to spread among our humans, and rumours are now circulating about pets : can they catch the COVID-19 ? Can they pass it on to humans ? Some people even ask veterinarians to euthanize their companion for fear of disease !

Can my cat catch the COVID-19 and transmit it to me ?

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that can affect different species ; viruses are found that are “adapted” to each animal, but these viruses can sometimes change hosts as a result of a mutation, and thus be transmitted from animal to human.

However, scientists believe that the risk is very low that cats can catch the virus causing COVID-19 and get sick. A cat could potentially be contaminated by living under the same roof as a person with COVID-19 without any symptoms and without getting sick.

The cat may catch other forms of coronavirus, such as feline infectious peritonitis.

Either way, stay calm and wash your paws !

In Switzerland, right now, all demonstrations of more than 1000 people are prohibited. At present there are no specific restrictions on schools, cinemas, supermarkets or public transport, but special situations are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Claire is scrupulously following the guidelines provided by the cantonal school authorities, and must be reachable at all times, day and night, in order to be able to transmit information in real time to the teachers, students and parents of her school, and take swift action if needed too. In another region, two classes have already been quarantined as a precaution.

Therefore, it’s absolutely necessary to apply the following hygiene rules and precautions :

What about your canton or country ? Do you have any other special instructions to follow ?

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Results of my commentathon : Etoile is doing well

Thank you for taking part in my commentathon ! Thanks to your comments, I was able to offer 60 CHF to the Haut-Léman shelter for Etoile.

Etoile has had surgery and is recovering nicely from her intervention. Everything went well. Claire went to see her on Thursday and even gave her a hug from me : Etoile is very affectionate and full of life, I wish her a happy life in her future forever home.

Etoile après opération
Used with permission of SPA Haut-Léman

I’m glad I was able to reach out to her thanks to you !