So many beautiful cards !

Thank you for your wishes that we got by mail, by email, or by reading your comments, they made us very happy !

Here are the cards we received in the mail :

The card of our friends Peekaboo, Onyx and Pumbita (and Mom Tessie, top right on the previous photo) is amazing : it unfolds in 3D, see instead :

And these are the ones we received by email :

We started a good step in 2024 !

A new year begins

We wish you happiness and health for 2024, and thank you for following us regularly despite our semi-absence last year.

Indeed, 2023 was a very intense year on the professional level for our human, sometimes challenging, always exciting, but the result is that our blog has paid the price for it : we have also seriously considered replacing her…

We got lots of nice paper or electronic greeting cards that made us very happy, and we will show them to you soon.

We’ll be a little more present this year, promise !

On the way to Christmas

Our gifts are ready, our greeting cards have been sent, and preparations for the holiday season are progressing well.

This little guy is driving the wagons of our Advent calendar, and his train brings us closer to Christmas every day.

I watch him, in case he makes a detour, or goes the wrong way, you never know….

It’s an exhausting job as you can see, and I can’t wait for Christmas !