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Cat bed design contest with Tuft + Paw

Are you creative ? Do you like design ? Do you enjoy DIY projects ? Do you want to win some money ? And the most important for a cat, do you have the sense of comfort ?

If you answered YES to one of these questions, this contest is made for you !

cat bed design tuft + paw
Tuft + Paw organizes a design contest for cat furniture ; your creation has to answer the following criteria : tuft + paw

  • be realized in environment-friendly material
  • have an affordable price
  • be beautiful
  • be easy to send and to deliver
  • be practical to use

Deadline for your proposals : October 31st, 2017.

You’ll find all the details of the contest here.

Cet article est sponsorisé par Tuft + Paw. En échange de la promotion de ce concours, nous recevrons gratuitement un lit avec le design gagnant.

How to feed your cat when you are not there

Now that Momo can work longer, it may happen that we are alone during more than 4 hours. We eat 4 to 5 meals a day, imagine our dismay when we heard of the news !
What ? More than 4 hours alone ?
Fortunately, Claire thought of everything : she bought two automatic food dispensers for us.

How to feed your cat when you are not there ?

Place a meal in the bowl (up to 300 ml)
TX1 open
If needed, place an ice pack under this one
TX1 cold pack
Place the bowl in the dispenser and close it
Settle the timer (till 48 hours)
TX1 closed

The model we have works with a AA battery. It’s also usable for wet food, and is very easy to clean.

There are bigger dispensers that allow to prepare up to 6 meals. Claire would nevertheless not use them : if Momo and she were absent for 1 or 2 days, she would prefer to ask somebody to come to take care of us.

Did you take part in my commentathon ? Hurry, you have til Monday !

Cat socks or nothing

A few weeks ago, our human was discouraged : she had to throw away her beloved socks one after the other, after years of good and loyal service.

Grandpa had offered them to her the same year (a set for her birthday, and a set for Christmas), and Claire’s socks thus arrived at the end of life quite at the same time.
dying sock
Fortunately, we whispered the idea to call our blogging friends for help in her ear : she has been saved by the stunning Cathy Keisha and the adorable tortie Mudpie, and this is what she received yesterday morning :
no boring socks

new socks
Our human has only cat socks, what about your humans ?