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Secret Paws 2021

Every year we participate in a gift exchange organized in the Cat Blogosphere (thanks Paula ! ).

PIXIE : On the last day of 2021, we received a package, and I opened it a few days later, because Zorro was too busy watching for voles in the garden…

All the gifts were beautifully wrapped, and we’ve been spoiled :

It was obvious that, given the color, this adorable Christmas sock was for me :

And then there was this: an incredible toy !

It’s a glove; at the end of each finger of it is hung a mouse. I love this thing !

And don’t worry, Zorro could also enjoy all these gifts when he came back from the garden before our New Year’s Eve celebration.

A big thank you to TBT (Mark) and the Mews (Marley, Ayla, Laz and Lori) !

Bye bye 2021 !

Cards and gifts continue to arrive, as a Christmas extension, for our greatest pleasure..

Zorro is celebrating his 8th Gotcha Day with a commentathon, and your many comments allow us once again to support our favorite shelter.

Pixie is turning 7. The sports coach of our humans becomes a father, and we take the opportunity to give him some useful advice.

It’s spring and the weather is beautiful for Easter. We’re celebrating our 9th blogoversary.

Pixie celebrates her 7th Gotcha Day.

At the end of the month, our friend Sawyer gives us a great fright by disappearing while he’s an indoor cat under medical treatment, but fortunately, miracles do exist : he’s found safe and sound after 24 days.

Switzerland is affected by major floods.

Claire and Momo are enjoying a well-deserved holiday. Zorro is turning 9.

September – October
The weather is beautiful and suitable for walks and outings in the garden. Incidentally, we learn that major work is planned for the spring, and the first signs appear.

Our favourite time of the year is coming – it’s already the countdown to Christmas !
We hope our friends have received our package…

Snow appears before Christmas. We refused to mention it before, but COVID and its suite of health measures punctuated the year, and limited social life and leisure for our humans again. When is this gonna stop ?

Claire’s work is exciting and she likes it very much, but we have noticed for more than a year that we now have less time to visit you and comment on your blogs : we do the best we can, and thank you for your understanding.

Thank you very much for all the great cards we’ve received, either by mail or electronically, we’ll show them to you next year as they continue to arrive.

We wish you a happy New Year’s Eve and wish you all the best in 2022.

Happy Mew Year !

What’s new in September ?

September is coming to an end, and we don’t have much to tell you.

But we didn’t sit back and do nothing: physical activity outdoors, and cuddling sessions indoors.

Lack of inspiration, or lack of time ? A bit of both probably… However, we always enjoy reading the news from our blogging friends, and receiving your visits and comments, so see you soon !