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Secret Paws 2021

Every year we participate in a gift exchange organized in the Cat Blogosphere (thanks Paula ! ).

PIXIE : On the last day of 2021, we received a package, and I opened it a few days later, because Zorro was too busy watching for voles in the garden…

All the gifts were beautifully wrapped, and we’ve been spoiled :

It was obvious that, given the color, this adorable Christmas sock was for me :

And then there was this: an incredible toy !

It’s a glove; at the end of each finger of it is hung a mouse. I love this thing !

And don’t worry, Zorro could also enjoy all these gifts when he came back from the garden before our New Year’s Eve celebration.

A big thank you to TBT (Mark) and the Mews (Marley, Ayla, Laz and Lori) !

Merry Christmas !

We’ve received several cards and emails, and it’s been such a pleasure to read your greetings; it’s our turn to wish you happy holidays !

We had the pleasure of receiving a package from our friends from the Poupounette Gang yesterday, it was Christmas before Christmas !

There were lots of presents inside, and as we opened them one after the other, we discovered toys, treats for us, great stuff for Claire, and treats for our humans too.

A big thank you to #1, Tama, Benny, Ollie, Violette, Vidock, Héloïse, and Hôtesse !

Preparations for Secret Paws

Action stations this weekend : we finished preparing our Christmas cards, and I helped Claire pack our gifts for Secret Paws.

PIXIE : What’s in there ? Hmm, let’s see… that, that and that, oh, and that too !

I then told Claire which wrapping paper to choose, and I let her do the gifts. As she has thumbs, it goes faster (in addition, handling scotch with furry paws is not very practical).

I snoopervised everything from A to Z, and I find the result very satisfying ; one more to pack and hop ! In a box, and at the post office !