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Mother Nature is angry

Last week, we posted an article in which you found links to help animals affected by hurricane Harvey.

What a shock it was, and the word is weak, when we heard that hurricane Irma followed Harvey closely, and was even more violent and devastating !

Landslides in Switzerland, earthquake in Mexico, drought for several years in certain regions of Africa, fires in California, in Montana, and Wyoming, more violent hurricanes than the last, Mother Nature is angry.
Mother Nature is angry
We understand her : she must be fed up with human bullshit ! Unfortunately, Mother Nature has difficulty in targeting her action and in shaking those who would deserve it, and she makes many innocents suffer.

What’s to be done ? How to help ?

  • If you are on site, follow the recommendations of the authorities regarding evacuation or regarding putting in a safe place.
  • Solidarity and mutual aid are essential in these terrible moments.
  • All around the world, you can give to a serious fund-raising organization (Red Cross for example) which will commit your donations to answer the need for the people affected by the disaster.
  • To help animals, inquire with the associations of animal welfare in the affected areas and the surroundings : they do an extraordinary work !

We cross our paws for all our friends who are in regions affected by a natural disaster, or who are on the path of Harvey, Irma, José, or Katia. Stay safe !

World Environment Day

According to daysoftheyear.com, « World Environment Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of respecting and doing your bit for the environment. »
world environment day
Wake up, kitties, and spread the word : some leaders in the world prefer immediate profits to the respect of our planet, we have to change it to preserve our kittens and our futur.
world environment day
Go green : on May, 21st, the people of Switzerland voted and accepted to revise the Federal Energy Act in order to withdraw from the use of nuclear energy, to reduce per capita energy consumption and the proportion of fossil-based energy use, and to compensate the loss of electricity production from nuclear energy by increasing energy efficiency and promoting the use of renewable energy

go greenReduce your consumption and reduce you carbon footprint.



Game of Thrones

Since a few weeks, Claire and Momo noticed that their porcelain litter box was less effective : the basin filled with water, then emptied so slowly that we would have been able to put fishes in it if there hadn’t been already UFO (Unidentified Floating Objects) inside.

They tried everything : the suction cup, the magic product which unblocks everything, the hot water : nothing to do. They put unblock product in all the pipes of the house, and hoped for a miracle : nothing. On Wednesday, they called the plumber. This one disassembled and inspected everything : nothing.
the throne
The plumber came back with new ideas of exploration yesterday, and discovered after 10 minutes that the pipe which goes out of the house was blocked.

Claire tells me that a huge poo vacuum cleaner on wheels will come this morning to unblock and clean all our pipes ; our humans should then be able to use their porcelain litter box without being afraid of a flood.

I hope it works !
A giant vacuum ?