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Already December

The work is going well and our house is now very pretty ; sparkling gutters were installed earlier this week. The photovoltaic panels will still arrive before Christmas, but the rest (shutters, outdoor lamps, etc.) will be for next year.

The garden looks like a battlefield, we dare not even show it to you !

We got our first Christmas card from Tommy et Teaghan, and others followed ; they are an integral part of our Christmas decorations, we will show them to you shortly.

Guest house

Angel Loupi ? Angel Loupi ? Zorro calling you. Are you there ?

Remember that little house Momo built for you ?

So, Pixie and I have never really been in it, so we decided to make it available to pals passing through, outside our enclosure. We placed it under the big juniper, a little hidden ; you hardly see it if you don’t know it’s there.

It just remains to put straw in it to make it more comfortable.

I know you’ll agree with this decision, and you’ll keep an eye on our visitors from up there.

Say hello to Mimosa

Last week, we told you about our projects for our garden, and several of you were intrigued by the robot-lawnmower.

Today, we are happy to introduce you to Mimosa ; it’s a girl (how do we know ? We know it, that’s all…) :

Mimosa moves slowly according to a random plan to graze, and so eventually crops all the target surface. She’s guided by buried wires in which circulates a power of low intensity ; these wires are connected with her loading station which is connected in a normal socket. Her blades are hidden under her belly, far from the edge of her body, and we would have to slide voluntarily a paw under her so that it’s dangerous. If she stumbles over an obstacle, she stops then leaves in another direction. She makes the noise of a rabbit who nibbles, and we can easily hear where she is.

I snoopervised her first steps to verify that she went well everywhere. For the moment, she takes care of the garden zone that is in our enclosure.

Mimosa must have a feline gene, because she sleeps a lot, but contrary to us, she doesn’t have long naps, rather several short naps. She crops more or less for one hour, then go home to eat and rest for one hour before leaving again. For the moment, she has no house, but Momo promised to build her one.

I also verified that she found well her way to go back home.

This robot-lawnmower is very silent (between 50 and 60 dB) and consume approximately 8 kWh/month for 1000 m2/1196 yd2 (our enclosure measures approximately 300 m2/358 yd2). A robot-lawnmower is extremely dangerous for hedgehogs, because they curl up in a ball and don’t move anymore when the robot approaches. As they are small, the robot goes above and you imagine the follow-up … A hedgehog could hardly enter our enclosure, but as a safety precaution, Mimosa only works from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm to avoid any accident with the small night animals who frequent our garden.