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Good news

Since a few days, I bring every evening a big butterfly moth to Claire (scale approximately 12 cms / 5 in) : I know that she loves that, and yesterday, I even brought her two.

She had a funny way of thanking me : in spite of our protests, she anticipated the « Take Your Cat To The Vet” day (August 22nd) and kidnapped us on Tuesday afternoon.

Pixie is a true Zen monk when she is by car, but I sang the song of my people and the lament of the poor prisoner during all the path (forward AND return !)

PIXIE: … and you also peed…

ZORRO : No need to say it to everybody !!

Good news : everything is fine ! Pixie weighs 3,3 kg (7,2 lb) and I 5,8 kg (12,8 lb). Claire thought that I ate maybe too much, but I was saved by the vet : he said that I was very well like that. Phew !

The temperatures finally went down since Thursday, and we even had some rain.

On Wednesday, August 15th, it’s my birthday, and I have a gift for you, then don’t forget to visit us !

The heatwave goes on

It’s always hot, very hot, too hot…

The advice we gave you three weeks ago are still topical, and they are valid for all :

  • protect yourselves from the sun
  • stay as far as possible in the shade and in the cool
  • cool by all means
  • reduce your activity to avoid a heat stroke
  • stay hydrated enough

You’ll find all our ” Summer and health «  advice in the following articles :

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As you can see on this photo, Pixie snoopervises very seriously the quality of cloth of the double blind before authorizing its use by our humans.

Cats in summer : 5 tips to bear the heat better

It was hot, very hot these last weeks, and even if our distant ancestors lived in the desert, we have to protect ourselves from the heat during the day all the same. Here’s a brief reminder of summer best practice ; this advice is also valid for bipeds.
5 tips to bear the heat by Pixie

5 tips to bear the heat better in summer

  • Always have some water available to hydrate you (inside and outside).
  • Stay in the shade and cool during the hottest hours of the day : the cool of the ground under bushes, or the cool of the stone floor in the house are very pleasant and contribute to your comfort. And if you’re lucky enough to have conditioned air, enjoy it !
  • Reduce your activity : keep your energy for playing or hunting at dawn, twilight, or during the night.
  • Ask your human to keep the house as cool as possible by closing blinds or shutters.
  • Ask your human to pet you regularly with a wet wash glove : that’s so good !
  • And why not to play with some water to cool your paws ? A basin with some water, toys which float, treats to be caught in small cups, here we are !

5 tips to bear the heat by Zorro