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Meeting with a monster

ZORRO : during my last expedition in the jungle, I came face to face with a terrifying creature : an anaconda !

Relying only on my courage, I faced him. After a relentless fight, I emerged victorious out of this meeting, and I proudly brought back my trophy to Momo. This latter was so happy that he shouted loudly for joy.

PIXIE : here is the true story : during one of his trip in the garden, Zorro met a small 30-35 cm grass-snake. He captured him and brought him half dead to Momo. You need to know that Momo hates snakes, and in my opinion, the shouts he made were everything but shouts of joy !

Momo bravely armed himself with a fly swatter and knocked out the snake (who had already died). He then threw it out the window, always by means of the fly swatter. The poor reptile landed on the path.

Shortly after, when Claire arrived, Momo waited for her to indicate her that a “monster” was lying on the path. Claire horrified him by taking the snake in the hand to put him in the grass.

Poor Momo, what emotions !

Autumn works

It’s autumn here, and we need to prepare the garden for winter : cut raspberry bushes, clean the kitchen garden, harvest apples, collect dead leaves, tidy up the oustside equipment, … Claire takes advantage of her holidays to do it, with our help of course.

We introduced a colored visitor in the house : an elegant goldfinch (carduelis carduelis). We would have enjoyed his company longer, but Claire did not want. She delicately caught the bird on the curtain of the kitchen (he was a little breathless to have played with us) and put him on the outside edge of the window so that he can rest before flying away towards other adventures.

Two cats and a bird

ZORRO : How’s that, you don’t want to play any more ? But we are not over yet ! And don’t tell me that you’re too hot, the temperatures have finally fallen since yesterday evening !
BIRDIE : I’m fed up ! You’re a brute, and you’re surely going to eat me !
ZORRO : As you wish, go towards Pixie …

BIRDIE : When you look at me like that, I don’t want to play with either …

PIXIE : But what are you doing, finally ?
BIRDIE : I’m hiding !

PIXIE : You don’t want to play with me either, and in more you show me your bottom and your good manners : that’s rude !