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How to bring together your Christmas tree and your cats

We’ve been very busy by the preparations for Christmas this weekend. Our tree is now up and decorated !
Claire is born with cats in the house, then let’s tell you that she knows all the tricks to bring a Christmas tree and cats together.

The fir tree

  • Choose rather a medium-sized artificial tree. Indeed, the real fir trees have a much more attractive smell, their needles can be toxic, and the water of the bowl also.
  • Assure that your fir tree has a stable and solid base.
  • Place it on a table if it’s quite small, or in a clear space. It would be necessary to avoid that a too close piece of furniture can serve as springboard.
  • The perfectionists will still fix their fir tree to the wall or to the ceiling to prevent it from falling over ; Claire prefers to leave the principle which the fir tree CAN fall over without damage for it or for the cats. You can also place your fir tree in a room which you can close during the night. Our fir tree, for example, is 80 cm high and is put on a stool.

The decorations

  • Use plastic or cloth unbreakable decorations, and which do not contain small parts which can get loose.
  • Avoid : garlands, ribbons, and “angel-hair” (risk of breathlessness or intestinal obstruction in case of ingestion), artificial snow (toxin), chocolates (toxin), and real candles.
  • Fix firmly the decorations to the fir tree.
  • Don’t let hang the cord of fairy lights ; connect the lights in presence of an adult in the room, otherwise disconnect them and roll up the thread around the trunk. Protect your cords if your cat tends to chew on electric cords.
  • Be double watchful if your cat is a kitten !

As Claire didn’t find what she wanted, she made herself the small cloth hearts.
coeurs en tissu
Et moi, j’ai vérifié que les décorations étaient solidement fixées.
Is it firmly fixed ?
Tiens, on dirait que cette boule est de travers…
Is that ball crooked ?
Oooooh ! Un cadeau ! Vous croyez qu’il est pour moi ?
Is it for me ?

Catify to Satisfy : it’s Christmas in advance !

OMC, OMC, look what has just arrived with the mail this morning :
Catify to Satisfy
The last book of Jackson Galaxy !! Jackson is our favorite behaviourist, and we shall never thank enough our American friends for having made us discover this incredible character ! His books (in English) are filled with little expensive inexpensive ideas and with advice that is easy to put into practice to make your cat happy.
We’re looking forward to reading « Catify to Satisfy » with Claire and Momo to improve our inside (is it still possible ?) !

Discover the Petsmood Feeder

Do you like beautiful objects, design, and do you wish that your cat’s stuff (or dog) grants with your home ? The Petsmood collection, created by the company Misk Design will answer your expectations perfectly.

Misk Design combines the esthetics of an elegant design with the user-friendliness of chosen materials to present objects which are intended for us, and which become integrated perfectly into the house of our humans.

Today, we present you the Design Wood Feeder, a wooden bowl available in 2 sizes and 12 different finishes. A wooden bowl ? Hey yeah ! The inside is treated with a finish in PTFE, a non-stick cover usually used for kitchen utensils like pans for example.

Design Wood Feeder Petswood


A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for the realization of this project ; you can obtain a Feeder exclusively on this site. We count on your support !

This product will be given us free of charge and we will not receive other compensation. The expressed opinions are only ours.