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Meet The Tiniest Tiger

Last week, we participated in Cody’s giveaway, but we were not lucky. We so much hoped to win the adorable bag of Triple T Studios for Claire ! Triple T Studios is the shop of the blog The Tiniest Tiger, and we especially wanted to avoid that she goes on the website of Triple T Studios : we knew that it would be terrible for the family finances…

We were not disappointed : having been unable to resist a bag, Claire spotted an other one, then still an other one ! She then decided to be reasonable, and bravely browsed the other categories of the shop without buying anything, until she arrives at hats. It’s been years that she looks for a « cat » hat for adult… And hup ! Two hats in the basket !


© triple-t-studios.com


© triple-t-studios.com


© triple-t-studios.com


© triple-t-studios.com

We’re already delighted at customs charges, but Claire doesn’t care, that’s widely worth of it : the Triple T Studios shop is a real gold mine for all cat lovers !

We did not receive any compensation to tell you about Triple T Studios, we do it because we adore their products.


Good Easter weekend

Grandpa stroke again ! This time, he came back from his trip to Spain with a complete set of tableware that he offered to Claire : a big tablecloth, matched towels, a board, ceramic knives, and linen.
linges et planche
The brand A Loja do Gato Preto has shops in Portugal, in Spain and in France. With all that stuff, we’re already delighted to lay the table for Easter !

By speaking about Grandpa, he needs your help, especially the help of pals who know well the United States : he is soon going to go to New York, Boston, Philadelphie, Washington DC, and Lancaster, and he would like to know if you know stores with very cool things for crazy cat people. Have you good addresses to be given to him ? Thank you for mentioning them in comments or sending us a message via our Facebook page.

Discovering Aniland

We sent Claire to Aniland today. Zorro had already entered a photo contest for them, we already had a Facebook contact, and we wanted to know more about it. Our domesticated one thus had for mission to go to explore this new place.



She got acquainted with Ludovic, the enthusiast and nice boss of the place. He made her do the tour of the owner : there is a room to groom dogs (and to bathe them ha ha ha!), and a department store filled with food and with accessories for dogs, for rodents, for birds, for fishes, for horses, and finally for cats. A store for animals as the others, will you tell us…

Not at all ! For cats, Aniland proposes a choice of original, colored or decorated accessories in a street art or funny way, in a unique design and what we do not find somewhere else ; Claire adores literally their litter boxes, to the point that she almost begged us to stop pooping outside to have an excuse to buy one of these famous litter boxes !

Loupi253 Loupi254

Hearing that it was the domesticated one of The Swiss Cats, Ludovic spontaneously suggested her some products to make us test : food (article to come in the next weeks), toys, candies, and the most fantastic small pillows of catnip that we’ve ever smelt !

It is thanks to him and Aniland that we can propose you our first giveaway !


coccinelle chenille






We offer to three friends ALL OVER THE WORLD one of these colored and funny toys. To participate, nothing more simple : leave us a comment, and random.org will make the rest ! Deadline : February 20th, 2014 at 23:59 Swiss time.