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Mother’s Day Flower Storm

Il faut que je vous raconte ce qui s’est passé samedi : comme chaque année, un petit groupe de personnes dont Claire fait partie organise un marché aux fleurs le samedi avant la fête des mères.

I have to tell you what happened on Caturday : like every year, a small group of people, including Claire, organize a flower market on the Saturday before Mother’s Day.

The flowers are beautifully presented, and it is also an opportunity at noon to share a friendly meal with a good glass of local wine.

But this year, the market opened in the cold and under a heavy rain. The nice month of May ! Fortunately, people still braved the bad weather and started coming.

Suddenly, around 11h30, a stormy wind arose : it was so violent that the tent that housed the market began to rise, and the canvas began to tear. All those present activated : some clung to the structure of the tent to prevent it from flying while others dismantled the canvas, others sheltered the flowers and the meal.

In the end, everybody was in a little room next door. The mood quickly came back : no one was injured, and there was no damage to be deplored, except a torn tent and a few broken flowers.

The storm calmed down in the meantime, but the weather remained very uncertain all weekend.

All’s well that ends well !

Wonderful news and wonderful week

First of all, the news : we were pleasantly surprised to learn that we received a Certificate of Excellence from the Cat Writers’ Association for our article about pain in cat !

This is the first time Claire has dared to submit one of our articles to the CWA contest ; we are pleased and proud to see our efforts rewarded, and to find ourselves among famous and talented bloggers.

Then, what a week ! The sun shone every day, and we can say that spring has really arrived. Insects are shaking, trees are budding, and we’re enjoying the garden while Claire is cutting the raspberries.

What about you ? Already in spring, or still in winter ? Have a pawsome week !