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Tomorrow, it’s Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is traditionally the day of the lovers, but we prefer to celebrate friendship this day. Love is not only romance, right ?
Let's celebrate love and friendship !
Friendship is… give and receive a priceless present, be able to be oneself, respect the differences, share happy moments, share difficult times, share thousand little things, …

… friendship is us and you : long live friendship !
Saint-Valentin 2017

Dance lesson

ZORRO : Could you put your paw somewhere else ?
PIXIE : Which one ?
ZORRO : That one. It would be good if you could avoid stepping on mine. But keep the posture !
PIXIE : It’s difficult !
ZORRO : Stop complaining, or you will dance like Claire !
PIXIE : But… she doesn’t like… and she doesn’t know…
ZORRO : Exactly ! Let’s do it again : straight tail, paw on the shoulder,…
Pixie et Zorro dancing