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We are not jurists, and we did our best to conform to the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), after hours and hours of research and reading of legal texts. The text which follows is a not professional translation made by ourselves. In case of doubt, the original text in French is valid. If you think that we missed something, do not hesitate to contact us.

Who are we ?

The Swiss Cats is a personal blog written in French, translated and published by Claire Bertolini, Yvorne, Switzerland at the address
The Swiss Cats is accommodated by the company Infomaniak, Geneva and Winterthur, Switzerland. Their servers are all in Switzerland.

Contact information

E-mail : swissneko AT gmail DOT com

Intellectual property and copyright

All the texts, images, and other elements of contents, are The Swiss Cats’s exclusive property (Claire Bertolini). They may not be used in any manner without prior written permission.

Access to the site and liability of the information

The information which contains this site is supplied for purposes of general information ; it is advisable to confirm the accuracy or the reliability by an independent check.
Our site The Swiss Cats can be modified without advance notice. We guarantee no way that the information or the opinion there is divested of errors or omissions which could be significant.
The Swiss Cats (Claire Bertolini) cannot be held responsible for some damage resulting from the access or from the not access to this Web site, and from the use or from the reliability of the site or from its contents.

Use and transmission of collected personal data

We shall resell on no account your personal data to third parties ; they are exclusively used for the initially planned purpose.
Various personal information concerning you can be collected during your visit when you post a comment, when you join to follow our blog by e-mail, or when you navigate our site.
The structure of our site is WordPress, and we use the services of Akismet and JetPack. WordPress, Akismet, and JetPack are products supplied by Automattic, 60 29th Street #343, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States of America. The details of the use of these services are described below. Although Automattic has servers all over the world, at present all personal and site data are stored exclusively on US based servers. Automattic is certified in accordance with the European regulations. => Automattic privacy policies
Your comments are verified by means of an automated detection service of unwanted comments. We use the Akismet plug-in to fight against spam. Akismet is certified in accordance with the European regulations. Akismet receives your name or pen name, your e-mail address, and possibly the address of your website which you give in the comment form, but also your IP address and the user agent of your browser. This information helps us detect the unwanted comments. => Akismet privacy policies


When you leave a comment on our Web site, the data registered in the form of comment (name or pen name, e-mail address, and possibly Web site), but also your IP address and the user agent of your browser are collected to help us in the detection of unwanted comments.
An anonymoused chain created from your e-mail address (also called hash) can be sent to the service Gravatar to verify if you use it. Gravatar is certified in accordance with the European regulations. => Gravatar privacy policies
After validation of your comment, your Gravatar profile picture will be visible publicly next to your comment.
If you leave a comment, a comment and its metadatas are infinitely kept. It allows to recognize and to approve automatically the following comments instead of leaving them in the moderation line.
Comments are under the full responsibility of their authors ; they do not necessary reflect our point of view. Any comment against the law in any form whatsoever will be deleted as soon as the administrator of the site will have acquainted with it.


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The first time you will come on our site, it will be asked to you to accept our cookies policy. The duration of validity of your acceptance is 90 days. Once this duration is expired, you will see the banner again, and it will ask you for your agreement again.
If you make a comment on our site, it will be suggested to you registering your name, e-mail address and Web site in cookies. It is only for your comfort not to have to seize this information if you leave another comment later. These cookies expire after one year.
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If you have a WordPress account and if you connect on this site, a temporary cookie will be created to determine if your browser accepts cookies. It does not contain personal data and will be automatically eliminated when you shut down your browser.
When you will connect, we shall set up a number of cookies to record your connection information and your screen preferences. The life expectancy of a connection cookie is two days, that of a screen option cookie is one year. If you mark ” remember me “, your connection cookie will be kept during two weeks. If you disconnect from your account, the connection cookie will be erased. => JetPack Cookies policies
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Statistics and audience measures

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Stats logs — containing visitor IP addresses and usernames (if available) — are retained by Automattic for 28 days and are used only for the purpose of powering this feature. => JetPack Stats module privacy policies

The rights you have on your data

If you left comments on the site, you can ask to receive a file containing all the personal data we possess on your subject, including those whom you supplied to us. You can also ask for the abolition of the personal data concerning you. It does not take into account the data stored in administrative, legal purposes or for safety reasons.

How we protect your data

The site The Swiss Cats possesses a SSL certificate (browsing in HTTPS) and we take all the possible measures to insure the security of the blog and thus the data which are kept there (use of a security plugin, complex and regularly changed passwords). We ensure that our site is always using the latest version of WordPress. We ensure that our site is always using the latest versions of any plugins. We make regular, secure backups of our website data.
In order to check login activity and potentially block fraudulent attempts, the following information is used : attempting user’s IP address, attempting user’s email address/username (i.e. according to the value they were attempting to use during the login process), and all IP-related HTTP headers attached to the attempting user. => JetPack Security module privacy policies

Implemented procedures in case of data leak

In case of data leak, either potential, or real, you will be warned by an article and will receive personally an email if you are a member of our subscribers as quickly as possible.